Genious if it works..

  1. So, I'm skiming the recent Bed Bath & Beyond circular and I spy this: Genius!!. This would resolve my dilema when I don't have a chair for my purse. Do you think this would work? Does anyone own one? I never place my LV bag on the floor for any reason and this seems like the perfect solution.
  2. It might work, as long as your bag and its contents aren't heavy ...
  3. I have one that I got from eBay and I love love love it! I even carry alot of things in my bag, but still, this hook keeps my bag safe and off the ground
  4. i remember seeing some celebrity selling something similar to this, but it was ridiculously expensive. but now that i know that bbb sells it, i'm so getting one. thanks for posting!
  5. LOL! i actually own comes with 2, a silver and a gold one with a clear rhinestone on top, and a little pouch. and it DOES work - as long as the table isn't too thick and ur bag isnt too heavy. i forget what the max weight it can hold is but its a significant amount. i bought them prob about 5 months ago, and as much as i was excited, i really haven't used it too much. it might also be because i've always had a place to put my bags too :smile: it doesn't hurt to own a few, they're like 10 bucks. my mother in law loved it and bought a few for her friends too!
  6. Hey, it looks like it will work. my only problem would be if you had to place the hook out on the isle side of a restaurant table and something got on the bag:hysteric: (i.e. food, beverage). Good luck. Keep up posted.:hysteric:
  7. A lot of us here have purse hooks. I got one from The Container Store last year but haven't needed to use it yet.
  8. It works really well. However, I must warn you not to use with heavier bags as it will break. I have gone through two already as I carry large/heavy bags....
  9. I cracked up when my mom showed me hers... she has a speedy.. and gets grossed out by putting her bag on the floor... she LOVES hers and uses it everywhere we go!
  10. I think the purse hook idea is great... there are a couple of improvements that I can think of... search tPF for "purse hook" and you'll find more info on them!
  11. This is a great idea! There have been a couple of times when I didn't have a chair to put my bag on. Instead, I had to put it on my lap with a napkin over it -- not the most enjoyable way to eat dinner.

    I sometimes carry a spare plastic bag in my bags to put my handbag in when these moments come up, but a purse hook would make it all much easier. Thanks for the link!
  12. You can get these at some Walgreen's stores too. I bought them, but I returned them, because they seemed flimsy. However, some other members bought them and hung heavy bags on them with no trouble.
  13. I've seen these before, but I like very soft, slouchy bags and I don't like the fact that all the weight of the bag would be hanging off such a skinny hook; I feel like it might mark and/or stretch the strap... :s

    Also, I tend to like bags with very long shoulder straps and clutches and these hooks, obviously, wouldn't be suitable for either.

    I also agree that people might brush past the bag, violently and mark it/drag it off and/or drop things on it. :sweatdrop:
  14. I bought this from Walgreens a few weeks ago and it is a must now in whatever handbag I am carrying. I've used it at several restaurants and I love it!
  15. I have a purse hook and now I never leave the house without it being in my bag! It is fantastic!