Genimi Delima~Gris/Noir Mahina XL, which color to keep!?

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Are you a Gris or Noir Mahina Fan?

  1. Gris Manhina XL

  2. Noir Mahina XL

  3. Other-please explain

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  1. *gulp* For those who is still searching for Mahina, please understand my trouble.....I was lucky enough to get Gris Mahina XL few weeks ago, but the more I look at Sandra's post and the rareity of Noir it grew on me just like Gris, so now I have a Noir Mahina XL on its way :supacool:.....BUT what color should I keep? I've never own identical handbags in two colors(not even in Chanel flaps!), and don't plan to get used to this habit:nogood:. What should i do? I'm also planning to get a Lockit in either Suhali(black or white) or Epi (black or red) next:yahoo:, so don't want too many bags in same color...

    Mahina is such a head turner, yet having two of them seems a bit overboard as well as making it less unique IMO:upsidedown:. It's a feeling hard to describe......but please help a Gemini out!:sweatdrop:

    I'm Asian, 24, black hair, love classic yet unique handbags, in Texas, Addict of Purse Forum, Chanel and LV.....ok that's enough folks, tell me why you boot the other color!:shame:
  2. i prefer the mahina noir
  3. i think you should take the noir since you wanted it so bad to order it ;)
    then get the white suhali, and the black epi, problem solved
  4. I think I will go with Gris on this one! :yes:
  5. I love the noir! You are so lucky you found one!
  6. i was initially debating this too, but in the end i got the black, and i don't regret it. it's HOT!
  7. This is a tough one as I like both for different reasons ..It was very difficult to locate the gris XL but the noir is still available for sale here...I decided on the gris as it suits the summer climate here...both are beautiful ...which one will you use more??? You could always get the mahina wallet in contrast colour to which bag you decide to keep:graucho:
  8. Noir Mahina XL
  9. I love the noir Mahina. I would worry too much about color transfer with the gris color -- the worrying would ruin my enjoyment of the purse.
  10. really? when i was hunting down the stores, there's inventory of Gris and none of Noir in Boutique, Saks, NM, Bloomies & Macys<---Yes, I am very determine:boxing:! Looking at my madness about handbag collection, I don't dare to start a collection of wallet....Damier Brazza suits me just fine :love: hehe
  11. i think the details show up more on the gris, so i would go for that one
  12. i would have the same delimna as you if i had the money to buy one right now... lolz. At first, i love the noir but then.. i have so many black purses. So the gris would be my light shade purse for different outfits. The gris just pops and can make a drab outfit fab, especially if you wear black with it. I would be worried about denim and such rubbing off on the gris, im just paranoid like that. It's soo pretty. let us know what you decide.
  13. I would keep the noir, it's more timeless than the gris. Both are stunning!
  14. Yep, ITA! Good luck choosing!
  15. gris gris gris! and then you can get black suhali...