Genie Said...Go For the Bracelets...

  1. Well, I was on "birthday waiver" today at H...was "open" to any (well, almost any) and all (well, almost all) possibilities...

    In stock, 40 white birkin, 32 VA or Chart (still not great with colors...) kelly...

    Looked at the scarves...looked at the bracelets...had a bit of a bracelet orgy...

    Chain D'Ancre (previous wasn't that big of any orgy)
    White Marivaux
    Gold Marivaux
    Gold Tournis
    Hermes Bracelets 001.jpg Hermes Bracelets 003.jpg Hermes Bracelets 002.jpg
  2. Oh congrats!!! :yahoo: Hey DH is at SCP H right now. He said wow that Birkin would make a great travel bag. LOL
    Love your bracelets!!!! :love:
  3. HOT!!!! That's my store, too! Wheeeee! I'm goin' next week!
  4. Gorgeous loot SoCal!
  5. Love those, especially the third one.
  6. Love those bracelets!
  7. Love all your bracelet!! They look very nice. Congratulations!!:yahoo:
  8. :girlsigh: They are all so pretty!!! And Happy Birthday!!!!
  9. Beautiful bracelets, SoCal.....and, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Another SCORPIO!!!! And I think Baggs is next week....oops, sorry....back to topic......

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of them....great choices!!! Congratulations and I'm so happy to hear you had a fun time at SCP!!!!!
  10. you go girl!
  11. Happy Orange Box Birthday, SoCal!! Love your new Birthday Treats!
  12. Genie , may I pick up a Tournis in LV??

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!:heart:
  13. Thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. beautiful bracelets! Congratulations! and Happy Bday to Professor Cal!
  15. White Marivaux

    YES THATS IT! (I thought it was called the small collier de chien)
    That's the bracelet I've been looking at!
    So glad you got it!
    Lucky lucky lady!