"Genie" grants your wish...sort of...

  1. "Genie" authorizes the following...you may select ONE HERMES HANDBAG today...it must retail for under $10K...

    What would you choose?
  2. currently 40 cm gold togo G/HW Birkin
    Throw in a new wool GP for the change.....
  3. 30cm black chevre Birkin, P H/W...... and throw in a whitebus!
  4. Hello, LOL...you can only have one... I take it you would choose the birkin???

    I am also a current brown/gold fan...I would select a 35 cognac chevre birkin if available (Gina needs a twin I think) or a 35 gold togo (still a bit unsure about GH or PH, but thinking PH)...
  5. LOL...Genie says "yes" to the birkin...


    DT says "no" to the whitebus...you are only allowed one...

  6. But, what about all that change, I hate store credit!!:hysteric:
  7. No store credit either! You are allowed to select one bag!!! ("Genie" huffs and puffs back in to the bottle...)
  8. raisin chevre kelly 35 or HAC.

    wait a sec, an exotic mini is about 9k right? i'll have a raisin or vert anis 'gator mini kelly please.
  9. I would have to say Rouge VIF 30cm Birkin in Chevre!
  10. :blah:

    Just kidding....I am taking the Birkin and running from D-Teddy.
  11. Whew! DT is back in the closet!
  12. I would love a box calf, black palladium 32 cm kelly retourne.
  13. Ooh fun! Genie, please grant me a Potiron Togo Birkin 35cm w/GH!!! Or take either maxmara, Accessorize*Me or LoveThatThing's Orange Birkin - LMAO
  14. P.S. you said ...TODAY, so tomorrow, I'd like a 30 cm box calf birkin in raisin, with gold.
  15. Pelinaka...Genie says "yes" to the birkin...no stealing or off to Genie jail for you!