Genie Grants You 5 Wishes...One Bag...

  1. Okay...Genie is back...she says you may bring home 5 items from may be a bag... What 5 things would you select?????
  2. Oooh goodie - I love these threads...

    Two braclets both palladium - the lemon and pale blue on (name?) and another thin blue one
    Brides de Gala twilly - blue
    white red berries scraf
    30cm togo BJ birkin with PH

    :push: Genie - can you hear me?????
  3. Porc Kelly...............

    that's all........just a little oinker.......
  4. ok......and throw that "Confetti" bracelet in too..........
  5. Oh this will be easy.

    * 28 Rouge Kelly, croc please.
    * black croc bearn, tri-fold.
    * Hippo cadena
    * Any med agenda genie likes, in blue Roi ostrich
    * GM Karo, in Rose Dragee togo (ok I don't even think they make that yet but he's a genie, right??)

    Unless, of course, he wants to get me that Diamond Croc Birkin. In which case, I may need him to work with a SA... :yahoo:
  6. 28 Kelly, rigide, anthracite porosus, PH
    Azap vertical, in rose shocking
    Chain d'ancre bracelet
  7. Rose Indienne Lisse Porosus Sellier Kelly 28cm w/ GH or PH
    4 Hermes Gift Certificates* that's valued at USD 20000 a piece

    *you didn't say we can't do gift certs:graucho:
  8. Genie gift certificates...try again...
  9. Black Birkin 35cm
    Shoulder birkin blue jeans

    can genie do this? PLEASE!
  10. Pippa desk, CDC in black or orange or blue roi, hair barette in horn, chiffon stole in orange or blue, silver cuff bracelet, an blue roi ostrich or croc in 35 with GH ......... 6 whoops!
  11. 1) Silver H cuff :love:
    2) Confetti Necklace :love:
    3) Bebop in Turquoise Swift :idea:
    4) Lindy :jammin:
    5) Ulysee PM in Rouge Garance or Blue Jean
  12. ^^Oh, the desk!! Good pick elizabethk!!
  13. Oh, don't I wish....

    Kelly 32 cm clemence retourne vert anis with brown stitching and chocolate interior

    Large width click clac bracelet in vert anis with palladium

    Diamond H watch with vert anis croc band

    A set of H china (The pattern trimmed in green with an H design at the top)

    Horn necklace
  14. Kelly 35 retourne in box or swift, still thinking about color, probably rouge H or brighton blue.
    Cape Cod watch with double tour bracelet.
    Set of china - I'm gonna say that's ONE thing! I like balcons de guadalquiver, it speaks to my baroque sensibilties, but I'd have to look if the genie really showed up. If a set is not one item, then a mug.
    Gold chaine d'ancre bracelet
    Card case (or another piccolo!)

    But i'd have to loooooook first, please?
  15. Genie, here's my SO:

    35cm Matte Croc Black Birkin PHW
    Shiny Croc Rouge Vif Bi-Fold Bearn
    Pierres D'Orient Dinner Service for 12 (discontinued, but a genie could find it)
    Shiny Black Croc H Loafers PHW
    Shiny Black Croc Mini H Belt reversing to Rouge Vif Croc PHW