Genghis and Jeanne: The Paris Raid and Reveal?

  1. How do I start this thread? I received a lot of encouragement from many of you lovely, gorgeous ladies (merika, fromparis, ilovemylife, angel, razorbackbelle, sorry if I didn't mention you all!) here for my purchases :graucho: as well as threads. Quite a bit of pressure going into it this time!

    I made a wonderful friend. She is our very own fromparis. She is as kind, generous, beautiful, and funny as she appears on these boards. She's the real thing. :okay: For the purposes of this thread,
    fromparis is = Jeanne Moreau[​IMG]

    When I arrived in Paris on the morning of the 1st January of 2008 (!), the room wasn't ready yet. So I headed out to take a walk. By the way, I smoked the last cigarette in George V's bar:shame: (the waiter told me so :lol:). Even in this cigarette-loving country (generally speaking, of course), the no-smoking law indoors has passed. Naturally, my favorite route is to cross the Champs-Elysees and into Avenue Matignon to look at the Art Deco-era furniture of which I hope to one day own. Being an H addict of course the goal was to just walk pass FSH (obviously closed) and take a look.

    As I was walking down the Avenue Matignon, I saw the most cuddly German Shepherd dog sleeping on the front steps of Christies. His owner was sleeping behind him soundly and peacefully despite the cold and wet weather. I was touched by this sight. Although they ended up on the streets on New Year's Day due to whatever circumstances their lives had to experience, they still managed to sleep so sweetly and serenely. This scene was a moving reminder to me that we are so lucky to be able to afford Hermes, even a wallet or a simple scarf. Even when we're not able to afford H (and most of us have been there), it is imperative to enjoy and cherish the resources and relationships one has at the moment, just like the spirit of the dog and his owner. For me, this precious moment on New Year's Day 2008 is one of the secrets of life.
  2. I know many of you are waiting to go to Paris or simply would like more :drool: photos of FSH window displays. I will try not to repeat any similar photos.



    BLING-LOVERS, here you go!!!



    Closer look
  3. Health is the first good lent to men; A gentle disposition then: Next, to be rich by no by-ways; Lastly, with friends t' enjoy our days.

    What a lovely post, you are special Transcendant, as are so many members here
  4. This was beautiful and wonderful to read. Bless you!
  5. This is a fabulous thread!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us transcendent!!!
  6. Transcendent1 you are a very good writer; and even though I have yet to go to Paris, your writing and pictures almost make me feel like I'm there. Happy New Year!
  7. UM, THERE'S MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just had to go buy breakfast. I was very hungry :lol:

    Thank you darlings!
  8. It was a rather chilly day in Paris. I took the Metro to go to FSH on the morning of January 2nd. I was to meet [​IMG].

    Jeanne Moreau said she will be carrying her Black Box Birkin (what else can be more exquisite?). I PMed her that I will be carrying the BJ Kelly.

    I took a few photos of the windows for fellow TPF sisters. When I turned around, there was JM!!!!!!! WAH!!!!!

    Then JM pointed something out: Because I was so entrenched by the window displays, I failed to notice that FSH was closed for inventory!:crybaby:

    So there we were. FSH was closed even to JM (how dare they?!). As it was rather uncomfortably chilly, JM suggested we go to Lauduree. Over coffee, we discovered we had a lot in common such as film and the arts. In the beginning of my visit 60% of our conversations were about H, and by the end of the trip, our H conversations were reduced to about 10% :lol:

    With FSH closed we had to find alternative entertainment. Fear not, it's Paris. Anything goes in this city. I said I've been longing for an Ilia Lalaounis ring, and it was a short walk :graucho:

    So off we were. I tried on a few rings and decided on this one. JM suggested this was most unique:

  9. We went back to check up on FSH on whether it was really closed. It was... for the day. But the George V H wasn't. We reckoned we would head over there. My SA wasn't there that day. JM suggested we try asking anyway. Another SA brought out a Graphite Matte 30cm croc with PH. For some reason, it didn't sing to me. I turned it down. :sweatdrop:

    JM generously offered to take me to FSH a few days later to help me with my luck. But the day was still young.

    We headed to one of the most dangerous places in the world (for the wallet, mind you :graucho:) LE BON MARCHE :party:

    Did I tell you that JM is very evil as well? She introduced me to a designer that makes whimsically boho-chic clothes - TSUMORI CHISATO :dothewave:

    JM also bought some Chisato pieces; ask her for the modeling ;)
    I'm sure ILML will be intrigued!

    Here's a look:


  10. With JM's pride in her city, she took me to the "Bird" version of Lauduree. It's like Tintin's Blue Lotus. I love this place. Aside from the :drool: desserts, their lunch menus are also great. We were still talking about mostly H at this point. :p


  11. Fabulous read! I so am enjoying it..Thank you:flowers:
  12. Trans, you are such a great writer. The only thing better is if you wrote in haiku. :graucho:

    And this? You forgot to reverse JM's face before photoshopping her in :p

  13. It was already evening when JM had to leave. Time flies when your interests such as H and Le Bon Marche exist. ;)

    The next day I went to George V where my SA is. I think I walked in just when it opened. I'm not desperate :lol:

    I know I wanted some accessories. I wanted a slimmer wallet than the one I had. And an agenda. And a scarf...and :lol:

    But in order to do choose accessories, I had to know how much mullah I was going to burn. So my SA took me upstairs to take a look at something she reserved for me.

    Uh. Oh.

    I tried it on. I liked it. Um.... well, can I just think about it for the afternoon and come back later? I figured I should probably consult a TPF sister or two before making such a decision. My SA said sure.

    I raided the accessories. GENGHIS KHAN LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!! Especially since JM's cat is Kublai Khan himself.


  14. seton, :blush:
  15. Ever since I saw angel's amazing Vert Fonce Birkin, I wanted one too. But for now something small would do. :yes: