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Mar 26, 2011
Does anyone have input on the different neighbourhoods in Geneva? Unfortunately, all the Amex Fine Hotel and Resorts (FHR), which DH and I prefer to use, are located by the Cornavin train station - this particular area consistently gets negative reviews because of less than savoury characters that hang about. How far does the "Red Light District" extend to? Our hotel is right along the water - is that far enough from the rougher areas? I'm surprised FHR doesn't have anything in the old town.

Am I just worrying over nothing? I know to use common sense, as with any other big city, but after reading about the area I hesitate to travel with any precious bags or luggage. Has anyone traveled with their B or K in this area and felt fine?

Ok, hotel worries aside - what are the fun and interesting places you have visited? I know there's the Patek Philippe Museum, the Cathedral, Palais de UN and CERN-LHC (yeah, we're nerds) but what else is a big attraction in this town?TIA!
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Apr 30, 2014
Good evening
Geneva is a very international Place in switzerland and the Locals are mostly friendly. Even if french is the Main Language everybody Spears english and it is Quote a Safe Even in red District and there Seouls be nö Problem to Carry your Great bags.
Just at Night Take bettet a Taxi Togo back to the hotel.
You can Visite Rue du Rhône a Street with all the main Designer Shops and a Lot of Great dressed peopels. Have a nice long walk next to the lake, on the left side. There you can see
expensive, exclusive Hotels.
Also great to do is a trip with a ship to Lausanne an other nice City in switzerland Ort to Evian in france.
Have a great trip!!


Mar 26, 2011
Ok, trip report:

-Great shopping in Old Town but shops close on Sundays. Aside from watch boutiques you will find: Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Celine, and Prada along the Rue du Rhone. Hermes and Rolex can be found in GVA.

-Free transport tickets (good for 80 min) into city centre from GVA. Collect ticket from kiosk in baggage collection area.

-Train ride from GVA to Cornavin train station takes 6 min. Bus ride to Jet d'Eau area takes approx. 40 min.

-Buses and trams are frequent and convenient. Clear signage (though takes a bit to decipher their route maps). TV screen maps inside buses and trams alert you of upcoming stops. They also announce what connecting lines are at which stop. Either pay close attention to the screen or brush up on your French numbers.

-All hotels provide guests with free transport passes for the duration of their stay. No need to swipe/touch in/out of transport. Basically an honour system on transport. In the time we were there no one ever checked or asked to see our passes.

-Small town: very walkable but trams more convenient.

-Cornavin train station area wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - but would recommend a hotel either in old town or right along the waterline.

-Not a lot of grocery shops in tourist areas. Cornavin train station is your best bet for a pharmacy (like a Duane R/CVS), fast food, and the grocery shop "Migros".

-A meal at McDonalds for two will run you approx. $30 USD. And you have to pay for salt and other condiments ;)

-GVA has priority security lane.

-Detaxe takes place after security point. If you want cash back go to the Amex kiosk. For CC you may find an empty customs desk. They have a box where you put completed forms (in an unsealed envelope) which Swiss customs will later stamp and mail for you. Lots of trust involved in this process.