Genetics Testing

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  1. So my last appt my nurse mentioned this for next time. Can anyone tell me exactly what they test for or do? Is it a blood test? TIA!
  2. Yes, they draw blood and they also do an ultrasound. I'm going in for mine this Thursday!
  3. I'm going next thursday. I had to draw my own blood and mail it to the labs....not fun!
  4. Many OBs do basic carrier screenings to see if you or your SO are a carrier of a mutated gene which could protentially cause a disorder in your baby.

    Do you or your SO's family have anything in their health history that would be considered a genetic disorder? (Your or your SO's ethnic background may also influence your OB's reason for further testing.)

    For instance, both my DH and my son carry a gene mutation for Cystic Fibrosis. This is something my son has to be aware of should he decide to have children at some point in his future (he's not even one, so he's got a ways to go. ;) ) My son inherited the gene mutation, but my daughter didn't.

    There are other screenings, such as the AFP/Multiple Marker and Nuchal Translucency, which can help tell you is your baby is at an increased risk of having chromosomal abnormalities and/or neural tube defects.