Genetic Testing Before TTC

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  1. Hi all, sorry if this is already a thread but the search on my phone did not turn up anything. How many of you and your husbands had genetic testing done before TTC? I had mine done but no one is willing to do my husbands. Obgyn says they don't test men, regular doctor says they don't do those test. Where did your SO's take care of this?
  2. What kind of genetic testing are we talking? Is this your typical cystic fibrosis check, or more along the lines of inherited genetic illnesses or gene mutations?

    I had the CF test done at 9 weeks pregnant (I think it's standard), but other genetic testing, like gene mutations, are up to you. You can get them done with a genetic counselor or GP I think. I would ask your GP or have your husband ask his if he has a different doctor.

    I have Huntington's disease in my family. My mom's dad had it. She never got tested, my sister never got tested, and I'm not getting tested. None of us want to know if we have it, because it's incurable and there's nothing we can do about it. My mom hasn't really shown any signs of it yet at 63, or so I think, so it's still a waiting game to see if she develops anything.
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    I had genetic testing done before getting pregnant, From what I understand is as long as you are negative for everything then they don't have to test your hubby, You both have to test positive for the same thing to pass it to the baby. I came back neg for everything so there is no way my baby (with any man) would carry any of the things they test for. Does that makes sense?
    You both have to be carriers.
  4. Two questions. 1) did you test positive for something that any potential baby would need both parents to be a carrier for? 2) are you suspicious that DH is a carrier for something? Most of the time doctors do not test men unless you too are a carrier and/or they have a known genetic issue in the family.
  5. No I was negative for everything but we are both ashkenazi Jews, so we have higher risks for Tay Sachs. I was fine though so you think there's no reason to test him?
  6. Thanks all for your helpful responses!
  7. If you are negative for everything then you should be fine, You both have to be a carrier of something for the baby to be at risk. No need to test hubby.

  8. Exactly. Tay Sachs is a recessive gene. If you're not a carrier, you're in the clear. Best wishes to you.

  9. Totally, absolutely true for Tay-Sachs and lots of other issues, like cystic fibrosis -- no need to test your hubby if you don't have the mutation. But wanted to mildly restate that this is NOT true as a blanket statement. There are autosomal dominant disorders that can be passed on by only one parent, e.g., Huntington's.
  10. DH was adopted and does not know his family history. I was tested for a bunch of things including Tay Sachs and was negative and they said there was no need to test DH eve though his genetics are a mystery.
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