Generous inlaws & royal blue balenciaga

  1. My inlaws bought me a balenciaga bag for my birthday. when they presented it to me they were so excited and felt so proud that they bought something I would like.....and I love it....but I already have a royal blue city bag......

    I feel really bad telling them I have one cuz they have been trying really hard to please me and make me feel like a part of their family..

    what do I do?

    Tell them I have one and try and change it or just sell it......and not tell them......
  2. Oh that's so sweet on their behalf! Maybe you might try telling them, but make sure they don't feel hurt!
  3. wow, how nice of them! :smile:
    after thanking them profusely since that is such a sweet and grand gesture for them to buy you such a bag, i'd probably just change it without telling them. if you already have an identical one, there is no need to burst their bubble when they probably would never know if you exchanged theirs.
  4. Why don't you say something to the effect of "You really know me well, I absolutely love this color - I purchased it already in a different size!" and see if you can exchange it for another color. I am sure they just want you to be happy :smile:

  5. actually, that^ is a really great idea! :yes: the exchanging would be easier then, bc they would have the receipt etc.
  6. firrstlt let me say ...I WANT your inlaws!!! how thoughtful and generous,

    I absolutely love Mimi's idea. That way you make them feel good about buying you something that you would have bought (and have) for yourself.

    If the inlaws are close by, how about taking mum in law out for lunch to thank her and going in together to exchange it then she can give you her opinion on the other colours and she still feels like she had input.

    good luck and let us know what colour you decide to go for

  7. OMG! I got a used cookbook from my inlaws for my birthday:blink: (& I hate cooking!)
  8. Mimi and MrsMac have it spot on! Especially the having lunch and get your mom in law's opinion on the colour! That way they can be happy, you can be happy and you get a great handbag!

    Oh and could you ask your inlaws to call my inlaws?? They are so very kind and very sweet, but simply don't notice what I wear/ how I dress and tend to give me dresses :shocked:.... in safari prints :shocked: ... with applique'd animals :shocked: ... ummm ... yeah : ) Safari dress or a Balenciaga : ) They'd be aghast at what Balenciaga's cost, so maybe it's best if they are left in the dark! In Africa! With non-appliqued animals!

    Please post the outcome.

    I wish you well,

  9. My in-laws would not know Balenciaga from bologna. That's a warning girls, don't marrry down.:angel:
  10. wow, your in-laws really like you.. well, if there's a way to exchange it.. that would be ideal.. if not, I say keep it and maybe sell it later...
  11. I know how you feel. My MIL gave me a self-help book about organizing my life....subliminal messages much?
  12. Yep, they tend to give me "family heirlooms" :yucky: (aka junk lying around the house).

    Your in-laws are wonderful!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for all the great responses.....Problem is they do not live close fact live in a different country.....they visited us for a couple of weeks...and now are with the other son.....I think I will just sell it...and buy myself another color.....but I will not tell them.....

    I am wearing my bag to dinner this weekend to show them that I am grateful....

    yes they have been awesome...

    thanks again girls...
  14. Are you going to keep it? Did they get you a city?

  15. Yes. they got me the city. I think I will try and sell it and purchase another color....Like the lilac...I have been thinking about that color....