generic 2nd hand price on bags?

  1. i was wondering..if someone bought a bag..and it's in excellent condition...not one of the LE bags...and she sells it..

    what do u think the 2nd price markdown should be in terms of percentage? say..if the retail price is $1000 and lets take a really common example like a monogram ______ bag...

    do you think the immediate drop should be about 30%? i'm trying to figure some things sell some bags for my friends and find something on eBay :P

    thanks! :angel:
  2. usually drops 100 bucks. or 50 if plastic wrapping is still on it.
  3. It also depends on demand and such.
  4. Yes, some LV go for 1/2 the retail price on eBay. Some sell for very close to retail. Definitely depends on demand and the condition of the bag....
  5. If I was to sell any of my bags to friends, I would def. ask (if the bag is mint) very close to retail (we have 14% tax on good in Canada) so if I save them 14% + a another 6% on top, they should be happy. I wouldn't just give the bag away. Why would you?
  6. I agree with Irene:flowers:
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