Generally speaking, how long must a handle drop be in order to fit on the shoulder?

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  1. Thanks for your help with this question.
  2. IFor me ideally, I want to hold the top of the handles and pass my bent lower arm up to the elbow in one single motion. I have a gorgeous Leonello Borghi(I know...who???) that I can do that with and the drop is about 10". Right now I am carrying my HH Ana and I cannot load her in one motion. I do love her anyway.
  3. from a designer's standpoint.. a handle drop must be anywhere from 7-7.5" -10" to fit under the arm... if it's any shorter its in your armpit. if it's any longer its TOO long.
  4. Thanks.
  5. I think it sometimes depends on the bag. Really wide bags sometimes need a longer strap for it to feel comfortable. I have a Botkier whose straps are only 6.5" long, and it still wears well under my arm. Not over a coat, mind you, but comfy with a tank or t-shirt.
  6. ^^^I also need about 6.5" with rolled handles. Wider handles, like the ones MJ uses a lot, 7.5" is my limit. It depends a lot on what you wear and how big your arm/shoulder is.
  7. I would say generally 7"
  8. I think some people may forget we're all different sizes. If you're very thin a 6-8" drop may work fine for you, if you're medium build an 8+ fits better and if you're a bigger build you probably want something longer than 9" or 10".

    I'm a size 6/8 and if it has less than about a 9" drop I can't fit it on w/ a jacket comfortably.
  9. I live in Chicago so I also need a drop of about 9" or so to fit over my winter coats comfortably.

  10. Good point, Swanky Mama and others.
  11. i think 9.5-10 w a coat, 7-8.5 wout a coat
  12. 10 is about the perfect drop length for me.
  13. ^ :yes:

    This is exactly what I was going to say...
  14. 10" is the guide I go by. It not too long, not too short. Very comfortable on the shoulder, with a coat, etc......
  15. ITA with swanky mama. there is no such rule you just have to figure out what works best for you. I have 4" drops that i slip over my shoulder in the summer so it all depends....