generally best LV bag styles to get on ebay?

  1. someone mentioned before that the regular mono speedys on ebay aren't that good of a deal and it is better to just buy from eluxury. but what about the bags on ebay that for whatever reason are a better deal? i've looked around and it seems that relative to the prices, the noes are a great deal on ebay when you compare to the actual price (sometimes about half the price). any other good deals for certains styles that you regularly see?
  2. You can find a noe on eBay for less than half (esp. epi)!:nuts: Ellipse and papillon go for way below retail as well.
  3. Also, the petite buckets:love: go for less than half...........
  4. anything epi!
  5. That's what I was going to say :yes:
  6. I would say the bags would vary from day to day, depending on the sellers' circumstances. Who knows what bargains await each day on Ebay.
  7. Noe and Speedies, you can get a really good deal esp. on the vintage ones which don't look too shabby for around the US$150 - 200 mark :smile:
  8. I'll add Bucket, Trocadero, Vernis Thompson St....:P
  9. Yup, I bought a Papillon 30 for $400, and an Ellipse last year for $475. When I sold the Ellipse a couple of months ago, I let it go for $379. Damier Papillon 30's, on the other hand, are as rare as hen's teeth. I can't find them anywhere on ebay (except for the fakes :cursing:)

    And as Irissy said, epi!!!!!!

    I bought an epi mabillon for $225. I really like that line, but for some reason, epi resale value isn't as high.
  10. how come epi is selling so cheap? considering its more exxy than the mono/damier if you buy new...:confused1:
  11. I've seen a lot of older Epi bags go for pretty cheap. Mini monogram items seem to go cheap too, but that may change since the line is being discontinued.
  12. Mini monogram seems to sell way below retail. Also, pochettes are ever popular, you can snag one for a pretty good price which is a great idea seeing as how they're kind of ridiculous with the price increases !