General tPF Holiday Season Gift Exchange?

  1. Just curious as what everyone's thoughts on this are? I know specific forums will have individual ones (I am organizing an LV one)...but I just thought it might be interesting to expand our horizons outside of our respective handbag forums.

    IDK...what do y'all think? :tup: :tdown:

    I was envisioning a one time gift in December with a set price limit, and limiting to active forum participants (active anywhere on the forum...but just active)...IDK...specifics could be worked out closer to the actual time.

    I have no problem organizing it...since I've got the other ones going it's not a biggie :smile:

    let me know....and any suggestions/ideas as well!
  2. Good idea. I would participate! Sounds like fun!

    I spend most of my time here, so a General Discussion gift exchange sounds great.
  3. I am still "new" but I think general discussion gift exchange would be great- being as I have a tiny bag collection still, I feel like I can't participate in the brand forums enough to be considered an active member- but here I might have a chance!
  4. I think this would be great!
  5. Ooooo you mean like a Secret Santa type thing - we do this in work every year and it's hilarious.

    Count me in.
  6. I think it would be FAB! But would it be an international thing? Or just restricted to those living in the US?
  7. I would love to participate!! I'm still very new too, but think this is a lovely idea!!
  8. Thanks everyone! It would be an international can decide where you are willing to send gifts and I match people up that way!

    It would be exactly like a Secret Santa....but to cover all religions/holiday observations...we would just call it a Holiday Gift Exchange!
  9. That sounds like so much fun! :tup:
  10. would love this!
  11. Count me in, too!
  12. Sounds like fun.
  13. YAY! Good to see there is some interest! I envision starting sign-ups in late October :smile:
  14. You're sweet to volunteer! I'd like to do it and tho I'm in the U.S., if you need someone to mail internationally, I have no problem doing that.
  15. Thanks boxer!!! I think I am going to check with megs & Vlad and make sure it is OK to host one in the general area (and maybe even get a sticky somewhere where everyone will see it)! I imagine closer to mid/end of October I will start a thread with the rules, etc. and start sign ups!!!