General thoughts and feelings on the sac plat

  1. I think I like the sac plat :shrugs:. It's weird really. I dunno why I am oddly attracted to it......I wanna know peoples thoughts and feelings on the sac plat...:tup:
  2. i LOVE the sac plat. i've always wanted one and think it's so chic! so few people carry it but when i see it (esp in tokyo), it's soooooooo fashionable! were you thinking mono, damier or epi?
  3. I love the look of it, but I'm not sure about useful it would be. It seems too deep.
  4. i love it its on my wish list... it might be purchased tomorrow lol
  5. Maybe damier or epi
  6. I have always been a fan of the Sac Plat... it's gorgeous!
  7. Not a fan :confused1: I am sorry...just too big IMO:push:
  8. I saw a lady with a black epi one and I nearly fainted! it is so HOT! I love the sac plat so much in all styles! I like my Innsbruck cabas because I look at it is a manlier sac plat lol, not that I wouldnt carry a regular one but you know...
  9. I hope I love it, I have a cerises sac plat coming from let-trade. This was one of those bags that I always wanted and loved, but missed out last year when it was still in the store. On my way home from Vegas (where I did some damage) I saw a lady carrying a mono sac plat at the airport and then it was stuck in my head. After a couple of days at home, I returned two things to LV and I got the one on let-trade. I hope they hurry up with inventory and send it out, i am not a patient person. So, I will let you know how i like it when i get it.
  10. I think its gorgeous, but not for me personally.
  11. it's one of those bag that i can't decide do i love a not :shame: the style is definitely a classic and great for documents/ business. personally i think this style works better for tall people (i'm short so maybe that's why i can't decide lol)
  12. I don't really like them in any line/material..
  13. I really love the look of the Sac Plat (especially in Damier :drool:) but it's lack of practicality keeps me from getting it.
  14. I personally LOVE the sac plat. I am going to get the black Epi one in the near future and maybe the Damier one tooo.
  15. I think I like but I would have too see someone wearing it before making my mind up if I love it or not.