General Thanks!

  1. Without calling people out, I just wanted to say thanks to a few VERY helpful TPFers who have been amazing these past couple of weeks!

    I made my wishlist almost right after joining and have been updating it and browsing around for deals on the bags I really want.

    When I missed out on the Botkier sale, cooper1 not only pointed me towards someone who had the bag I wanted and didn't want it, but also PMd me TWO separate eBay listings with the prices and information. I am going to get that bag soon thanks to her!

    I began drooling over a few peoples Morgan Oakley Ditch and Baby Ditch bags recently and when commenting that I couldn't afford one at full price, managed to get one for about 70% off thanks to my "adoptive mom" RondaFaye!

    Lastly, I have been lusting after the AC Mini City in Bronze from Revolve since my first day here but was hoping for a sale since its not incredibly practical. I finally expressed my frustration, asking sarcastically why there wasn't just a general 25% off code out there for us! Literally an hour or so later I got a PM from user Luv2BuyBags who had not only found me a code, but had called Revolve to make sure they would honor it since it was from another retailer JUST SO I COULD GET MY BAG.

    You ladies are so great! You are enabling me to spend way too much money, but you are still great and I appreciate it so much!

    Oh, and everyone who has been following my Vday mystery and commenting and generally being excited with me, I thank you too! My friends aren't bag people and couldn't care less if it was a bag from the bargain bin at Walmart or a Hermes, so its been nice to have others crossing their fingers for something really special!
  2. Ok, so I did call them out!
  3. We think you are great, too! Your energy and excitement make TPF even more fun.

  4. Aw. that is sweet. I really like this forum too, I just started posting about a month ago even though I've been a member for much longer, and already Ive received really good advice and information!