general sunnies question

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have a question about sunnies. Do both lenses have Chanel imprinted on them? I recently bought a pair of sunnies (Chanel 6026) off eBay and tried to post in the authenticate thread but didn't get response. I am just trying to figure out if I bought a pair of fakes - which would make me feel like an idiot! Here was my post:

    "I am starting to feel like an idiot. I bought some sunnies off eBay w/o your authentication first (I was rushing so my DH wouldn't see me bidding or buying) and I am afraid I made a mistake. They are for the Chanel 6026 sunnies and they look exactly like the sunnies in this bid (and came with everything-case, cloth, 2 booklets):

    However, the inside of the case is black velvet, not the beige that I have seen in the reference library and l have with my vintage sunnies. What do you think?? (I tried to take my own pics, but they came out blurry)"

    Sorry this is so long! Thanks if you have made it this far! :smile:
  2. I'n not an expert but the chanel sunglasses I own have chanel on both lenses and a serial number imprinted on the side of the right lense..others more experienced that I will be along to help out I'm sure
  3. All my Chanel sunnies have the serial number on the lens, and I purchased mine from authorized dealers. My understanding is the lenses have Chanel and the copry right C and the serial number on the lens, and if they don't they could be fakes.

    M caes are all back with white writing and black inside.
  4. both of the cases I have are white so I can't help you with that sorry
  5. when in doubt of eBay listing, it's best to have it auth by experts on the Authenticate thread, good luck! :flowers:
  6. Well with the two sunglasses that I have (purchased from Nordstroms) the CHANEL is located on the lens (dont remeber which ones as they are not with me)

    and on the left arm, there is the sunglasses information and on the right arm is the Chanel....etc.

    The first case is cream (with cream letters on the case) and black inside. on the bottom part inside the case should say Chanel in the same color as the interior of the case

    with the second case, its black (with black letters on the case as well) and I believe cream inside (dont really remeber so dont quote me on this)

    Why dont you take pics of the actual sunglasses and post, then we can help you.
  7. the link doesn't seem to work for me. But it's normal that you have the black velvet inside, usually it's for the cases that has the rhinestone "chanel" word on the exterior. If it's the black on black writing, it should have the cream interior. For the sunglasses itself, "chanel" [should] be imprinted on the both lens and also the serial numbers. One arm of the glasses should have the style number, color code, and numbers for prescription purposes and the other arm should have the verification that's it's chanel and where its made.

    I work in sunglass retail for two years so hopefully that helps!
  8. Thank you so much. My sunglasses have Chanel imprinted on one lens, and the serial number printed on the other lens. The case is black on black with "Chanel" and the interior is black.... I think I got dooped!:tdown:

    I am going to try to take pics again.