General speedy question...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I hvae ageneral questiona bout LV speedy's. I own 2 monos and on each of them there is a heatstamp on the "leaf" flap at one end of the bag. I thought that this was one way to tell a bag's authenticity. When I saw my friend's "questionable" perf speedy, her leaf flap was blank. She swears it is a genuine bag. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm just not sure.....

    THANKS!!!! :yahoo:

  2. I think there is a made in patch on the inside of the perfo style.
  3. ^^That's right.
    The Perfo has "made in" in the inside, not on the leaf. Same for the Denim Speedy :yes:
  4. I own one and my mom own one from 30 yrs ago. No stamp on the leaf of any sort.!!!!!! Sorry-

  5. I think she means on the underside of the leaf - and there should be one on an authentic mono speedy. (I don't know about the perforated bags), but if there is not a heat stamp on the underside of the leaf (saying either 25, 30 or 35), I'm sorry to say your mono speedy may not be authentic.
  6. Yes, I did mean the underside...I just thought that all speedys were the same. I didn't want to accuse my friends bag of not being legit. Thanks to all of you for your answers....I knew I could count on my tPF experts!!!


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  8. yeah. the perfo has it on the inside..
  9. Thanks again everyone!