General- Sample Sale help

  1. I will be entertaining a friend this weekend and thought it might be fun to go shopping in NYC. I've always wanted to hit some of those great sample sales I read about here in the purse forum. This may sound silly, but does anyone have "how to" tips for attending a sample sale? When should one go, in order to get the best stuff- when it first starts or right at the end of the day? :confused1:

    [I would imagine we should get there early, but we'd be coming in from NJ, and my friend is not an early bird (like myself!)]
  2. My only advice.. be there first... bring cash in case CC's are not accepted. Be prepared for crowds and for stuff to fly off the shelves and be gone within a half hour.
  3. Thanks, Luna!
  4. Ask if you don't tax on cash payment and then pay with cash.
    Otherwise, I would recommend a store like Loehmann's or a consignment store if you want a variety of things.
  5. I wish I could asttend one of those sample sales just once! I think it would be so much fun. Remind me to bring my tennis shoes for comfort, though!!!
  6. i would suggest going that early too! avoid lunch hr period (11:30-2) that's when all the ppl who work around there come and it's gonna be a HUGE crowd. so so go as early as possible, and def. before 11:30 or 12.