general questions

  1. Hi all, I searched my brains out for this throughout the forum, but couldn't find the answers.

    What does reissue items mean? Like, can someone explain that to me?
    How much is the price of a black medium caviar cost?
    compared to lambskin... and then small lambskin? small caviar?

    Also, what does the 227 or whatever mean?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. A reissue is a specific style (there are different sizes though). It looks like a classic flap but with a different chain strap and turnlock closure. 227 refers to the size. I don't know any prices, but if you do a price search, someone listed them all a while ago.
  3. so is a reissue like "secondary" because it's not the original making? (if that makes sense at all?)
  4. Reissue is the "name" of the style of bag....

    thep rice of a classic flap should be found on the forum easilly I think its about 2199
  5. Not exactly. It's a copy of the original quilted bag that was first released in Feb. of 1955 (hence the 2.55 reference). It's called the reissue because they brought it back all these years later as a classic.