general questions from a newbie

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  1. i'm curious to know, will every chanel purse always have a hologram number? basically if there isn't one there, it's pretty much a fake? my mom got a 'chanel' (and i put it in quotes 'cause i'm not too sure even if she is...or is happily in denial! :p ), and i do not recall seeing a hologram but i also haven't looked that hard. and no, she did not get it at a boutique or department store so of course, i'm already not convinced it's real.

    also, does every purse have the 'quilt' look somewhere on the purse? my mom seems to think that this is the case but i'm curious to know if this is true. part of me says no 'cause i would think it potentially limits the design of a purse but i'm willing to say i'm wrong if so.

    i'm a newbie to chanel so i'm trying to learn as much as i can. thanks!
  2. welcome to the wonderful world of Chanel!! haha you're going to be hooked SOON.

    Michele can elaborate more on this but some vintage Chanels will not have a hologram sticker (was it those produced before the 80s?) All the recent Chanels should have a hologram sticker located somewhere in the bottom corner of the purse.

    And no, not every purse has the quilting.

    Hope this helps!