General Question, Yes or No?


Oct 6, 2008
Quick question:

Would you still keep your coach bag, even if you knew that you would only wear it maybe once or max twice a month, but it's your favorite color? Or would you return it while it's still possible and move on?

A holy grail bag, very delicate, beautiful color, but not for everyday.
Use or Loose?


Oct 2, 2008
If it's one of your HG bags and you really love and can afford to keep it, I say keep it.


Jan 7, 2008
Hubz got me the platinum Bridgit for Christmas, and I only use it about once a week. While I wouldn't say it's a HG bag, he picked it out himself and I love it (the style, color, weight, lining, compartments, etc. etc. etc.) so it ain't going back. The situation is pretty much the same with my Amanda satin satchel in magenta...I don't want to use it too much for fear of it getting wet, dirty, etc., but I love it and it ain't going back either.


dreaming of Coach...
Jan 13, 2008
Hawkeye State
Interesting question. My first reaction was yes of course! But then I thought a bit more and I think my answer is no. I own five bags currently and I only want to own ones that I'll get a lot of use out of them!

There will be other bags that will catch your eye and heart.


National Champs
Dec 17, 2008
Wide Open Spaces
Well, I would say if it's your HG bag... then yes, keep it. Maybe you'll only wear it once or twice a month... but that just means it will last YEARS! But if your heart isn't in it... then loose it and get something you LOVE AND WILL USE often! HTH


~*One Wild Night*~
Apr 29, 2008
If it's a bag I've been long lusted after, and it's definitely the kind of bag that's been on my HG list forever, I would keep it. By all means, I would never return it (or like you said, "lose it") even if I were to use it barely. I would keep it, though. And maybe try to think of some way to use her more often than just a few times a month.


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Jul 25, 2008
If you're using it, even if it's only once or twice a month, it's still a keeper in my book!


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Nov 24, 2008
I would keep it especially if it is a HG bag. I don't know how some of you ladies can ever part with some of your bags to sell them I just can't do it. I am a collector even the ones that I don't use anymore. I just have to have them all. So I would keep it


Oct 6, 2008
well, i m indirectly applying this to my silver sabrina that i just got a few days ago... She is BEAUTIFUL, and looks and feels gorgeous, just I can't wear her when it rains i guess (i live in oregon, it rains a lot over here!!!) and i have a 2 yr old that needs to be carried and sometimes can interfere with my bag-carrying-habbits. i m afraid i ll get her dirty and i don't want that, bkz she's SPECTACULAR! :faint: ohh that glitter!
But just because i love staring at her in my shelf, does it justify me paying money and not using her? i know i could use that money to get some other bag that i would actually be able to use many times a week, even tho i already have some of those :smile:
I guess I m just trying to figure out what's the right thing to do, i know the economy isn't great and I don't want to just "waste" money, but i also want to look at her.... maybe i should just find a shiny piece of leather and stare at that instead LoL...
No seriously, in those conditions, i m not sure what to do... I m trying to think logically but i don't want to end up regretting a return.....
Jan 2, 2008
If I had a bag and used it only once or twice a month I would definitely lose the bag... TBH, if I had my HG bag, I know that it would be used more than once/twice anyways because then whats the point of having a HG bag if you don't use it, KWIM, so I would definitely get rid of any bag of mine that I don't use often, that is why my collection has slimmed down dramatically because I refuse to keep bags I don't use anymore...