General question for everyone

  1. Black is a basic color. I'm sure that most of us have black shoes and quite possibly a pair of black pants.

    So today, as I was getting ready for a funeral... I wore all black (pants, shirt, and shoes) to realize that I don't have a black purse... Crazy eh?

    How many of you all don't have a black purse?

    btw.. right after I thought about that, I ordered a black epi soufflot... I guess the idea of not having a black bag just really bothered me cause the color was so basic yet essential.
  2. I only have 1 black Gucci evening bag because it's a must have and Black MC Multicolore Petit Noe which I don't think counts . I'm just not a fan of black.
  3. i have two black bags... a huge hobo i got from target and a quilted juicy wristlet... i don't use the hobo that much, though, since it gets too heavy...
  4. I JUST finally bought a black purse last month. You're not alone.
  5. Congrats on the Epi! : )
  6. i have my black dior vintage boston bag and a coach leather demi.
  7. I dont own anything black.... I know very strange...:shame:
  8. i have several black bags...
  9. you could still use any of your mono or damier bags with black! i actually like them together!
  10. i have no black designer purses (black multicolore does not count, because its too rainbowy). now that i think of it. i should get one...
  11. I have PLENTY of black purses. I think I have 5 balenciaga city, YSL Saint Tropez bag, MJ Polina, LV Jasmin, and I can't remember what the other one is, but i'm sure it's in my closet.

    What I realized a few weeks ago is I have NO brown (non mono) bags. That's what I should be looking for, but I have mini lin on the brain.
  12. Congrats on your Epi Soufflot!!!:wlae:

    I only have 2 black solid colored leather bags. I still need to get one more with silver hardware.:yes:
  13. I only have black leather coach demi.
  14. I have one black Kate Spade SAM but I want a black LV speedy.
  15. I used to have nothing but black purses... but i've branched out in to the Damier print and Mono print. I do think one black purse is essential to a wardrobe since it goes with just about everything!