General question about the factory stores & the SAs

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  1. Maybe I put this in the wrong folder, not sure... please move if i guessed wrong. (& thank you!)

    Do factory stores generally tend to get the same merchandise or are there some items that some areas will get & others will never see?

    I am thinking particularly about the red patent (& maybe the purple) Peytons which, at least for the red, seem accessible for some people & others have never seen them. It's the same for those hunting the gray or gunmetal, some people have seemingly easy access, others don't.

    It seems from my time here that California, Texas & the East Coast get a lot, but the middle states, not so much.

    Then it seems that certain items are ubiquitous, others not so.

    Also, when you ask the SAs, "Will you be getting this?" Do they really have any idea or way of having an idea or are they just guessing?


  2. In general, the factory stores will have the same merchandise with the exception of their clearance sections. Different FP stores send different FP merchandise to different factory stores when product is deleted from FP. (Does that make any sense to you? lol) However, flagship stores do get a few different MFF styles than regular factory stores. As far as the SAs go, most of them do know what they're talking about. However, you may get a newbie here and there that doesn't know how this stuff works. But if they don't know, they usually check with one of the more seasoned SAs.
  3. In regards to my Outlet. Most of the SA do not know anything. Its really kind of sad i think. My outlet doesnt get near the amount of good stuff as other outlets. Just hit or miss probably. I am stunned and a bit jealous of what some of our Southern girls get. Good for them tho. Im in the Midwest Chicago area by the way.
  4. There are many outlets, there are Flagship outlets like stores, and some are qualified to carry a full line of MFF items.

    Some get their items from FP stores directly, and some from JAX in shipments. Some stores have "sister FP stores" of which they get sent direct items from FP to the outlet for the retail deletes.
  5. Some Outlet Stores get the harder to get items and it has to do a lot with what sells in that store... In my area Sawgrass gets better and more merchandise but they also sell to a very different client than the one at Dolphin
  6. Higher volume outlets get the better selection of boutique transfers.

    Also you have to remember most SA's at the outlet only know about their products; made for factory items. Just as most SA's at the boutiques only know their products.
  7. My rule of thumb is that what I wants goes to the west coast. I live on the east coast!
  8. I was told that some outlets are referred to as "core" outlets & that other outlets are referred to as "impact" outlets...and that the best selection/FP deletes will go to the high impact stores before the other.
  9. I have never heard of the flagship outlet... where are they?
  10. Similar to "I was told that some outlets are referred to as "core" outlets & that other outlets are referred to as "impact" outlets...and that the best selection/FP deletes will go to the high impact stores before the other."

    Flagship could be related or if not the same as an "impact" outlet. Best selection, best variety, and full floorsets of MFF items.
  11. hi all of you lucky girls that have access to outlet stores period,,,, i am hoping someone here can help me find one in my area,,,, i moved from overflowing w/ everything so cal,,, to a farm in okla,,,,, i am wondering if or how i could find some remotly close outlets in mo, ark, or ok,,, someone please be kind enough to humor this coach newbie,,,, thanx so much
  12. :yahoo:Here's a linky:
  13. thanx kells,,, thats helpful,,, i can hit the mo stores for sure:smile: