General question about LV warranty

  1. I heard that every LV product is warrantied for life. So like if a zipper malfunctions, you can take it back to the store and get it fixed/replaced. Sounds too good to be true, no?
  2. Not true. I think it's one year now, unless it's a manufacturing defect. There are also some things that can't be fixed, period (e.g. if the canvas is too dry, they refuse to do repair on it).
  3. Recently I brought in a battered 10-year-old wallet and they fixed the closure for free.
  4. mine are always pre-owned, and i never went to fix at lv, so i don't really know :P
  5. If it's something regarded quality control then you can take it back in even after a few years. They took in my 3 year old Mini HL with it's nasty glue =) But hardware has a 1 year warranty. Other defects like bad stitching, just take it in as soon as you see it. I had a girlfriend that had some stitching come off of her recital that she had for about a year already. LV just replaced it at the spot. She was just shopping too.
  6. It doesn't matter whether it is pre-owned, it just needs to be authentic :smile: Also if you bought your bag in another store or abroad - doesn't matter in my experience.
  7. Well, LV is still fixing loose stiching and replacing rather loose button for the snap closure on my PTI. They quote $90 !
    I don't know wheather they will sticth the wallet all around eventhough I only need 2 thread of stitches to be done.
  8. My SAs tell me 2 years. There is a card that you fill in everytime you make a purchase and they keep it for records. Even if you lose your receipt, it is fine as they have it on file. Mind you, I always purchase from the same LV store so i don't know if they are all the same.
  9. Interesting, I've never had to fill out a card, although they register the purchases under my name in their computer.
  10. I've found the card is if you aren't already in their system or they aren't sure if you are. Once you are in the computer system, any store or counter can pull up your info.

    When I returned my stinky cat-pee Epi Speedy, they said that warranty was 1 year but manufacturing defects (like the smell!) had no time limit for return. It really comes down to whether they think something is caused by regular wear and tear or not.
  11. The warranty only covers up to one year and it doesn't include the handles/strap.
  12. It depends on what is wrong with the handles or strap, I think. The slider piece on my strap came unlaced, and I was able to get it relaced for free.
  13. For my first LV, the SA told me that the warranty's 2 months! Then i just bought another LV today and diff SA told me that it's 2 years but she's new...and really clueless about all their iono who to trust!
  14. I think it depends on ones relationship with LV. I have always been able to get replacements or repairs done with no charge at any time. I have had a zipper pull replaced on a keepall, pin put back into a inclusion hairclip, loop put back on a wish bracelet and another zipper pull replaced on a sweater. It is usually done in a day, unless they need to send out for a part. I am in the UK, maybe it's easier over here?
  15. My SA has always told me 2 years on manufacturing defects. This doesn't include anything that you may do yourself (for example, if you scratch the vachetta really badly on a handle or if you want the vachetta replaced.)