General question about hotel reservations

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  1. OK, I hope I don't sound like a complete idiot here.

    DH and I are going to Napa for Thanksgiving. (We don't have kids and all our relatives are in the midwest or east coast, so we're on our own.) So why slave over a hot stove all day for just two people?

    I made a reservation for a hotel in Napa (the Villagio) for Thanksgiving night with my Amex. I just looked at my Amex account online last night, and they have already charged me for the room! Is this standard procedure? I can't imagine any other time where I booked a hotel and they charged me for it weeks beforehand.
  2. it's normal to be charged a certain amount, it's usually a sort of hold they put for the money and then the actual charge is completed after you checkout. each hotel is different, some only hold a deposit, some hold the full amount.
  3. Interesting. I just recently came back from Puerto Rico, and the hotel charged my card the full amount when I made the reservations, but that was because it was at a "special rate".

    I've also recently booked a two night stay in Vegas for January, and they charged me the first nights stay, but it is refundable.

    Hotels will usually tell you if they charge up front. I wonder why they didn't tell you?
  4. This is becoming more and more common. It is especially common for special rates, booking online, packages and busy times (like Thanksgiving).

    They should have told you when you booked...or did you book online?
  5. It's common. It depends on the hotel policy. When I went to Anaheim, I booked two different hotels at the same time using American Express Travel. The charged me for one but not for the other one until after I was done with my stay. When I called to ask why I had only been charged for one hotel beforehand, the rep said that they only precharge for hotels who are partners with AMEX. Nothing to worry about.
  6. I have been charged for the hotel room when I have booked "special online deals" before. I did not think any of it. I once had to cancel a trip and even though the deal was "not flexible", they refunded the money as a gesture of goodwill.
  7. it's normal:yes:
    Usually they make sure and tell you in case it's a debit card.
  8. No, they normally take a deposit and then you pay the rest when you vacate the room
  9. Some reservations are prepaid and non refundable. Read the fine print. :smile: Crap I just paid $420 for two nights in Oslo this month.. haven't checked the card but I know it's been debited already.

    (but who cares after all? Have a GREAT time!! :tup:)
  10. I travel a lot for work and I've never had this happen to me (although I'm not usually going to fun/nice/vacation-y places!)....maybe because it's a holiday? Well, since you've already paid for it, go and have a great time!
  11. Some hotels do that, some don't. The hotels I'm used to doing business with usually take your credit card number and hold just that. They will charge it once you check-in or if in the event you cancel your reservation after the time limit they give you to cancel.
  12. The policies definitely vary.

    Some hotels will hold your room on a credit card guarantee - and if you don't show up or cancel within a specific timeframe, then bill you the first night's rate.

    Others will bill the first nights stay as a guarantee, and the rest upon check out. This is more common on weekends and holidays. the "deposit" can be equal to the first night rate plus tax. This will also vary within a hotel chain - those in "tourist" destinations (Napa is one of these) will more commonly require the pre-paid guarantee.
    Work travel may have a corporate agreement with certain companies and will charge a discounted rate, as well as waive the 'guaranteed arrival' deposit/charge.

    Bottom line - you're going to have a wonderful time. I'm jealous! I'll be thinkin' of you as I'm cooking for oh, about 25 people.......a little wine for the sauce....a little for me....a little more for me.....a little more for me....:graucho: