General ? on spy bags

  1. Not sure if this info was posted before but just had a couple of questions. First, do spy bags always come with dustbags? Also, I noticed the linings are different depending on the colors? I see some spys have the zucca lining, others plain? And is ivory a nice color opposed to white? I searched and not too many tpf members have ivory. Thanks!
  2. If you buy them at a store/boutique or reputable online store they should come with dustbags, although some consignment shops or others may not give them. Usually if you get a bag without a dustbag and request one they may give you one, or you could use a pillowcover/buy one from eBay. Yes the linings are different depending on the colors. Most have the zucca lining but the zucca spys have a plain one. Some have special metallic or satin linings. I think the ivory is the white one, just the name they call it. I think liking that color is a matter of personal preference, I think its pretty but I wouldn't buy it. Are you talking about this one?:

    *Litigatrix's pic
  3. white or ivory is a nice colour but I wouldn't buy it either coz I'm scared to get it dirty....
  4. Spy bags come with dustbags and yes the lining can vary. I think it varies if it is a limited edition?