General marc jacobs care questions!

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  1. I just bought my first MJ bag...yay!:woohoo: It's a small multipocket in cherry blossom, specifically. But I have some questions...

    First, I've never owned anything all do I take care of this!? I've never spent more than $150ish on a bag, and although this one wasn't super expensive (just over $300 at NM last call!) I would like to take immaculate care of it. I just worry because I live in an area with a lot of snow/rain/ice for the majority of the year and the little card said to avoid getting it wet.

    Second, how do MJ bags hold up in terms of wear/tear? Be honest! I still think the purchase was slightly impulsive, so, I want to know the good, the bad, and the evil ;)

    Finally, I looove pink so I got this bag in cherry blossom. How often does a color like this come out? Is it kind of a "standard" MJ color (as in, released on a bag or two once or twice a year...not standard as in colors such as black, ivory..if that makes sense)?

    Basically, I'm unsure if I want to keep this. I immediately ran over to it because of the color (I'm addicted to pink!) and decided to get it because I could always return it if I changed my mind. Any input is appreciated...thanks!:heart:
  2. OK girlfriend..have no fear...

    One of the main reason I am a huge fan of MJ bags is b/c of the durability...The leather is of highest quality....I have yet to find something to complain about...Never had a stitch come loose either..They hold up great in the weather...although I DO try and shield my babies from very bad weather (ie: downpoors and very heavy snow fall) if they get wet don't panic....I carry my tomatoe red blake from Thanksgiving-Christmas...Yes she gets a little wet due to snowfall (just got a foot of snow here yesterday) Sometimes there will be little water marks on the bag but it always dries spot free...I am constantly moisturizing my bags...not b/c they need it all time but b/c I am such a good mommy to all my designer bags...maybe it makes a dif on the water marks..not sure..the first thing I do whenever I buy any new bag is moisturize it...Gawd only knows how long they've been sitting on a shelf or a back room....leather is a skin and needs to be treated once in a while..just like ours...I have 2 mp's...I used my oatmeal all summer last year...still looks BRAND NEW...My black one is two years old and still looks new as well..but as I'm harder on my MJ bags as I am on my Chanel..I still don't throw them around and am careful not to brush up against dirty cars or sharp edges...

    As for the color that you bought I am not sure about how often MJ 'releases' them or duplicates..I am sure an expert will be along to help you out..although I am pretty sure that cherry blossom is not a 'standard' color as black is...

    The mp is a classic bag that IMO every bag collector/lover should own...Congrats on a great bag and great taste!!! Enjoy her!!! And by all means don't be afraid to use her..that is why we buy use them and feel like little diva's when we reach for our bags!!
  3. ^ Thanks for your input! Do you have a recommended moisturizer? Again, I'm a total leather newbie and I don't know how to do it, what to use, etc!
  4. Marc Jacobs bags are fairly durable but some care is required. In general I would not suggest getting them wet. If you think there is a chance it might happen you should protect the leather. I suggest using both Apple Guarde conditioner and leather protectant on the bag before use. You can buy them at Burlington Coat Factory. Here are some threads you might want to check out:

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    How are you supposed to clean your bag? Lol, im scared :sad:

    ? about stain repellent
  5. Melly- You are a great source for information. Thanks for all that you do here!!:flowers:
  6. :blush: Thank you!
  7. I have a geranium multipocket. I use it as an everyday bag (so, I haven't "babied" it). I haven't treated it and it's held up well. I've had it for a couple of years. The only strange thing is that when it gets get, the spots tend to look lavendarish, but when they dry, it's fine. I don't know how often Marc does pink bags, but he does do a lot of different colors in the summer.
  8. You're all awesome, thanks so much! I'll definitely look into some care products for my MJ and test it out :smile:
  9. Yay, congrats on your first MJ! The multipocket is a great bag, and I think you'll find yourself using it every day. And cherry blossom is a really pretty color too!
  10. Hi, I have searched the care threads and couldn't find any info on this. At one time, my sister wanted an MJ bag and I asked my friend to pick one up at Barneys while I was working. The bag looked like a return. The cream-white finish had a kind of crinkled look (little craze lines) but I didn't say anything. Over time, the bag has continued to lose color. Does anyone know if there is a product that I can use on this to somewhat correct this issue without spending a fortune on it? The dye has a painted-on look and has tiny craze lines throughout the purse and a lot on the back. It seems to be a different kind of dye than what is used on my other MJ bags. Any help is appreciated!
  11. A bottle of water spilled and I'm horrified. 1/3 of the soft leather is now all wet. I have the Apple Care pack. I'm planning on waiting until its dry and then treating it but I'm freaking out!! Will it ever be the same?? Help.
  12. 3634bags, i don't know. hopefully it will be close to normal once it dries out?