general LV question. . .

  1. i heard a lot of stories where lv replaces your defected purses/ accessories.. etc.
    does that only apply if you purchase it in an lv store.? .. like what if you purchase it on eluxury or eBay.. your beat?
  2. if you have an issue with elux they can be returned to elux or the store, eBay if its a new item and you have a reputation with a store you might get away with it as a gift. otherwise you are sol.
  3. Agree on everything with bag fetish!!
  4. I read in another thread one (lucky) person bought an MC Speedy on Ebay where the pockets were already yellow (a defect that takes a few years to become apparent). She got a great price because of the appearance of the bag. She then took it into an LV boutique and they replaced the whole bag free of charge, so she got a new MC Speedy for like $400-$500!!! :wlae:

    I think this is a very rare thing though as most defects occur right away, so the 1 year warranty would probably apply to those. Also, I think this defect only really happens with the first batch of MC Speedys (glue issue with the pockets).
  5. omg any friendlly SA's in nyc that any1 knows of?
  6. ok heres my issue.. i bought a eugenie wallet on ebay for a good price. its authentic and everything.. and now i started examining the pics (the wallet didnt come yet) .. and theres these weird indents!!!

    this pic shows them the best:

    i dunno what to do!! is that considered a defect???
    The girl bought it last than a year ago
    and shes sending me her receipt from the lv store

    do you think i can exchange it for a new one if i say i got it as a gift from my friend.. heres the receipt?

    am i over-reacting? are those dents supposed to be there?
  7. I think you should wait and see. It might be nothing.
  8. ive not had any luck in this arena so far....
  9. You already had a whole thread on this and a lot of people already answered this and gave their well-thought out opinions on it. Unfortunately, it looks like the person who owned this wallet just used it a lot. Looks like she over-stuffed the credit card slots, so it's just use. You wouldn't be able to return it to LV because it's just normal use.

    They won't take a return unless it's in the first few weeks and even then, it has to be in "sellable condition," i.e., brand new and not used. Have you gotten the wallet yet? How does it look? I think once you put your things in it, you will be fine.

  10. I agree!!!
  11. If you are really not happy with the wallet e-mail her and explain that you could not see the indents on the picture and this really bothers you. Ask her for a refund...She will probably charge you a re-stocking fee and your postage and handling will not be refunded.
    Good luck.