General LV question - I'm new!!

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am new to the LV world. I just bought my first baby last weekend (Damier Speedy 30), and I am HOOKED. Quick question for you experts.

    Besides the Monogram Multicolore Speedy 30 does LV make any speedy bags with the metal plates at the bottom corner of the bags. I personally don't like the Monogram Multicolore, but i like the look of the speedy (is this considered a carryall).

    Also, can you guys post pictures of your carryall (there are none in the carryall club).

  2. Here are 2 models with Carryalls...



    From my knowledge, LV doesn't make any other Speedy bags with metal plates at the bottom corners... However, there is the MC Boulogne?

  3. So, if you can have things custom made/special order, could LV make a bag to look like the muti speedy, but use the Damier leather.
  4. Damier is a canvas.

    I am not sure about that... but I can ask though. ;)
  5. OT: This guy cracks me up with those shorts! :lol:

    I agree that a SO would be the way to go if that is the combo that you want.
  6. I called my store and they said that it wasn't possible...
  7. Gosh, I'm glad someone else thought those shorts were funny too. :roflmfao: Nice legs though...:graucho: :roflmfao:
  8. I think you can't SO something that from the product that's not exist. Can't change the shape.
  9. Hmmm....other bag with metal corners...*thinking*.....well if you want, there's always the SUHALI BAGS!!!! lol
  10. don't even want to know what came to my mind when I saw the dude in the shorts :lol:
  11. Welcome aboard. I was a lurker for many months before I joined. This forum was so educational for me. Enjoy it.
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  13. yeh that dudie pic was ... weird....
    well what do yall think of that boulogne, dyou like it or not?
    (sorry to be offtopic but i cbb to start a new thread :smile:)
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  15. Nice bag though! Wow! I want that now~!