General Hospital

  1. Any GH fans out there? Care to start a thread about it with me?

    It is my all time fav--with Grey's Anatomy a close second!
  2. Wow, is GH still running? Over here we have it on Starworld (on cable), but I dunno what season it is. I swear these soaps, they've been going on forever dont they?

    I'm not really a fan, I prefer Bold & Beautiful better, LOL... don't laugh but I love that show. GH is right after BB everyday Monday to Friday.
  3. Girl, yes--43 years strong!!!

    Laura returns in TWO days!
  4. I love GH too, but I like to TiVo it, much better when you can skip the boring stuff and hour show usually only takes me about 20 minutes to watch. I like to watch it in the evenings.
  5. I agree with you, twinkle. I used to skip over the Sonny/Emily stuff when he was bipolar but wouldn't get help. I wasn't ever a big Sonny/Emily fan. I'm not an Alexis fan right now. I know that she has cancer, but her obsessive need to control everybody is making me less sympathetic with her. And, Ric, OMG--I don't even know where to start with him. Every soap needs a resident psycho, and I guess he's it. Ric Hearst is an excellent actor if can make the audience hate him that much! hahahahaha


    Who's gonna be the baby-daddy? Anyone care to take a stab at that one? I'm torn over who I want to be the father of Liz's baby. The possibilities are endless no matter who it is!!!
  6. Ditto to almost everything.

    I am really liking Jax and Carly together....but then I a almost always like Carly...they have been really lucky with actresses for her.

    Oh, I hate when LuLu gets all preachy at Maxie....doh! You're just as bad.
  7. I love GH. So glad they are bringing Laura back. I can't stand Rick at ALL!! He drives me nuts. And I am getting Sick of Sam too. I wish Jason and Elizabeth would get together. And Maxi is driving me nuts too. She's not really Pregnant though right?
  8. I don't think Maxie is pregnant at all. I'm not sure where they are going with that storyline, but I already hate it. I personally think that she and Ric should hook up b/c they are both pscyhotic (literally) and would make quite the pair. Actually, they could kill both of them off and I wouldn't even mind!

    Sam, yeah, I love her! I AM wanting Jason and Elizabeth to fall in love, though. Who is the daddy?! I've been recording the show, so I haven't seen it since Tuesday.

    Love that Laura is coming back. Lucky needs her the most. I love the character of Lucky, but he was really irritating me for a while. Greg Vaughn is soooo easy on the eyes!
  9. LOL Maxi and Rick that would be hilarious. Elizabeth is saying that Lucky is the father, but then she went and burned the results of the paternity test??? I bet it's Jason's.
  10. things are starting to get even juicier. woo hoo!!! :yes:
  11. GH is my favourite soap of all time. I've been watching it for about 21 years now. (And I'm only 29 years old, so I thank my babysitter who at the age of 8 made me watch it with her)

    If your a big fan of Patrick Drake and Robin Scorpio (like I am), you've gotta join the SCRUBS Message Board on the Scorpio Files homepage and you'll see something on the right hand-side saying "Scrubs". I've been going on that MB since the end of January and everyone there are huge fans of Patrick and Robin and everything about General Hospital.
  12. Thanks Luvsbages&shoes, I'll have to check that out.

    So I caught up on all the episodes from last week, and I realized all over again what a wonderful actress Genie Francis is. And, Luke just made me want to cry!

    In refernence to Liz's baby's daddy--I have heard that the writers aren't sure yet who they are going to make the father out to be. I believe that creative decision was all hinging on Kelly Monaco's contract renewal--would she stay or go? I saw on the front of one soap mag that she's staying. So, we'll see.

    I bet that Alexis and Sam make up, but I believe that Ric and Alexis are done. Alexis really, really needs to soften her heart. She's not in a position to isolate people right now. Granted, I would want to do the same thing if my daughter slept with my husband, but she' put up with her all this time b/4 Sam knew that she knew, so what's the difference now?

    And, because I'm a nurse, I have to ask? Why did they not have Lainey available before they gave Laura that drug? I know it's just a show, chachanurse, it's just a show!

    How funny is it that the drug was named "LS49" Laura's initials? hmmmm
  13. I thought that's where they were headed with the Maxie thing, too...especially when she seemed nervous about taking the tests....but now Dr.Lee did do the tests, so I guess she is

    I don't like Elizabeth and Jason together...she bugs me, so goodie- goodie. I think I still have not forgiven her for breaking up Carly and Jason so long
  14. I'm sick of Alexis too. She's so stubborn. I can't believe Maxi's actually pregnant! She is driving me nuts. I don't remember Elizabeth breaking up Carly and Jason. I'm really just getting back into the show ,now that I stay home.
  15. It was a looonnnggg time ago. That's how Sonny and Carly got together....Carly saw Elizabeth and Jason dancing in a closed Kelly's...jumped to the wrong conclusion and went to Sonny's....the rest, as they say, is history.