General Hospital

  1. I stopped watching GH since Maxie and Johnny kissed in the garage (and I have been watching GH since 1993). I love Jolu and Spixie seperately. The writers are turning this soap to crap. They have ruined lots of characters.

    I might have to turn back in when Helena and Holly come back although NotEmily annoys me.
  2. ^ Helena came back today. Part of me is thinking that she staged Emily's death, took her and brain washed her like she did with Lucky. You know, these writers are never original and always recycle old story lines.
  3. I saw where Helena is coming back, but I haven't seen anything about Holly! That's awesome!!! Should make for some very lively TV!!
    I loved the Holly, Robert, Luke, Anna, Laura days!!! [​IMG]
  4. Oh okay. My DVR keeps recording the show. I guess I will actually have to watch today.

    I get all my scoops and spoilers from

    I think they said Holly is supposed to come back in May. I hope to god that means Ethan is Holly and Robert's son. I think Robin needs a brother and there needs to be more Scorpio's on this show. God knows the writers have ruined the Spencers. They can't write for the 3 Spencer kids now, so there really does not need to be another one.
  5. I hope Ethan is Holly and Robert's son, too. I see a relationship brewing with him and Lulu. I'm so glad she's rid of Johnny. I couldn't stand that guy. :yucky:

    That would also be cool for Robin to have a sibling. :biggrin:
  6. It was good today, I wonder what will happen with the DVD and Claudia...
  7. what is up with Sonny's, Carly's & Alexis' kids being so old all of a sudden?! The girls were just babies a year ago and Morgan was a toddler. Now Christina & Michael are teenagers?!
  8. They just aged them thats all. They wanted to bring in some young kids probably to get younger viewers for this summer.

    It was sad to see the last Michael go, he was cute. I cant stand what they did to his character now though.

    And this snotty Christine is just awful too. I fast forward so much of this show anymore. I only watch for Steve Burton :graucho::love:
  9. omg i knowwww! he is just so scrumptious!!! :p

    Yea, the redhead Michael was adorable. It's hard to buy the whole "I hate my Mom, she doesn't care about me" deal bc he & Carly were always SO close. The Christina line is more believable bc Alexis is such a damn perfectionist that her kid has finally cracked.

    I think new Michael is up to something. Until he moved in with the Quartermanes (sp?), I totally thought he was trying to get into Sonny's house to get close to Claudia and figure out that she is the reason he was shot. IDK, now with Sonny's kid from Kate's cousin coming into the picture and working with Johnny, who's sleeping with his Mom...I am hooked.
  10. they wanted to age the kids so that they could work them into the storylines better. They also wanted to give Michael a "love interest" so that we could see this side to Carly & Sonny (when one of their children begins to date)

    I hate when soaps jump kids so far into the future. Usually they do just one or two & its only a couple of yrs, but this time they aged four kids nearly 10 yrs a piece!!
  11. Who else, besides me, knew that Dominic was actually Dante?
  12. As do I.

    On another note.... I AM SO SICK OF SONNY! I'm not going to be happy until they kill that b!tch off! I've never liked him and I never will.

    I do not like what they did to Michael's character. I do not like any of the child actor's they brought on. I can't stand Olivia and what they are doing to her character. I'm p!ssed because Liz & Jason aren't together.

    I have to stop or else I'll go crazy. I love Jason & Brenda! Bring Brenda back!
  13. I knew!
  14. I guess they do need one bad kid on the block and who better than Alexis' daughter, right? LOL That will be interesting when she starts getting caught with the weed etc.

    I bet Michael will end up running away and meeting up with Dante and join his thug group, but then get captured by Sonny's enemies...And Jason will come to the rescue and break him out :rolleyes:
  15. I knew too, as soon as I saw the dark hair and his gun :rolleyes: