General Hospital

  1. Funny I think the ending to yesterday's episode should have been cliffhanger Friday...they keep calling it that but the endings are not really cliffhangers on that day. Anyhow, Johnny was damned if he did and damned if he didn't with Connie.
  2. She's actually not that bad of a singer - she sang on OLTL a few times (they did a musical show two years in a row, sorta like a HS musical kinda thing), and then at the end of the show, she sang a song entitled One Life to Live. It was actually kinda good

    Felicia is back today! :yahoo:
  3. ^Did they show her in the beginning? I missed it...
  4. Personally, I think they should of had Carly jump into bed and open a can of woopass with Kate/Connie. That would of been cool to see.
  5. I stopped watching OLTL a long time ago, so I never heard her sing, but that song she sang last Friday was so off-key. It sounded like a bad AI audition.
  6. Ooooo, that would have been awesome! :bagslap:
  7. did I miss it or was it not today??
  8. Me too! I was kind of disappointed, no beatdown between Johnny and Sonny and no fur flying between Kate and Carly....GH missed an opportunity!!
  9. No, it wasn't today (sorry!) -- are they off by a day (was it not on some day, or something)? I read that she was supposed to be back on the 24th - maybe tomorrow?:shrugs:
  10. I'm actually disturbed that Johnny "violated" Kate/Connie...seems a bit low. I understand that she was under the character of "Connie," but think about how "Kate" would feel...
  11. Here is how I rationalize it, he really didn't want to, but she was put him between a rock and a hard place where she was going to tell Sonny he attacked her if he didn't. So it was either one up Sonny or Sonny would win again and have cause to put Johnny away. Plus I am still wondering if they really had sex or just got under the sheets.

  12. what is the connection between gh and the avengers? why the product placement? is there an overlap in production/writers/directors or just totally random?
  13. In the real world him knowingly sleep with her alter is rape, he would be prosecuted. He know she was not in her right mind.
  14. ABC is owned by Disney and they produced the movie.
  15. This is why I find it a bit creepy...