General Hospital

  1. There's probably already another topic about this, but as with the search being down, I'm not sure.

    Anyways, I love the show. Anyone else a fan?
  2. I am a HUGE fan since the Jax, Brenda, Sonny days but they are killing me now with all the mob stuff. I DVR now and fast forward. I am liking the Nicolas Claudia potential pairing though.
  3. I can't believe how annoying LuLu has become!
    Great scene with Liz and Sam on Friday.
    Carly's probably pregnant, right? She did sleep with Sonny and Jax on the same night.
    Love Spinelli and Maxi. And Stone Cold's patience with the young Grasshopper.
    My sister had a great idea, I can't take credit for it. You know how Sonny won't traffic in drugs or anything so bad that we the viewers couldn't like him? My sister says his mysterious "shipments" should be faux designer handbags! Quite a moral dilemma for Kate!
  4. I'm a big fan too! I agree that LuLu is extremely annoying. And I also love Spinelli and Maxi and I love how Jason is standing up to Sonny. I also like Liz better when she is being a little more tolerant like the scene with Sam on Friday.
  5. Is Sonny still on his meds? Whatta jerk!

    I hate it when Jason cries! I just want to hug him!
  6. love general hospital, not to show my age, but i've been watching since the luke and laura days. My big wish right now is for elizabeth and jason to be together.
  7. I kind of liked the scenes today in the police station with the two couples being arrested and it was great to finally let Spinelli have a "heroic" moment. Sonny is just being awful though.
  8. I love gh! I agree that they are making Lulu a bit annoying, it seems like she is always fighting with someone lately - either Maxie or Claudia. They need to let her be "normal" for a little bit. I really like her with Johnny though!
  9. ^^I just like Johnny period!
  10. musicgirl- I thought you might like to know Brandon Barash (Johnny) can sing too! I saw him on the Western NY MD telethon. It might be on YouTube.

  11. Thanks!:yes:
  12. You're welcome!
    Johnny singing got me thinking about the Nurses' Ball. Does anyone else remember when Lucy Coe would organize this fundraiser for AIDS? It's so much fun to see the hidden talents of our daytime actors.
  13. I hate Lulu and I hate Liz--- actually I DESPISE her..she is such a coniving goodie goodie-- she tries to be miss goodie two shoes... remember how she slept with Zander and got pregnant and Zander was with Emily at the time and then she turns around and sleeps with Jason while he is with Sam and she was with Lucky...
    I want Sam and Jason back together I thought they were good together...
    I love Jason and Nicholas they are some FINE a$$ men to me !!!!!!
    I love this show....I hate that they killed Emily and Georgie......
    Carly is going to end up pregnant and its going to be Sonnys and Jax is going to leave her and back together she goes with Sonny...... they always end up back together
  14. and how can i forget Patrick- he is so sexy as well...
    i just can not wait for them to get him and Robin together for real
  15. Robin and Patrick are the most annoying ones on the show. All they do is fight.

    Lulu is so annoying. I want to punch her.

    And I don't want Maxie to get with Johnny either. I've missed a couple days tooo. Grrr.

    But Johnny's a hottie defff.

    And MissMcCrocodile, yes, I remember those events. What were they callledd?

    Johnny was singing?? When??