'General Hospital' Actress Shell Kepler Dies

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  1. In college, I was totally addicted to General Hospital. Her character was always good for snarky commentary.
  2. That is very sad news. I have not watched that show in years, but when I did, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Shell totally nail the Absolute Personification of Annoying in her portrayal of Amy.

    It is a shame that we will never know what she might have done, where she might have gone with that ability to make people laugh.

    The fact that the insufferable Amy is the only thing I remember about the show, and not only do I remember the character, but at a time in my life when remembering what cell phone provider I use is something of a triumph, that I remember the name of the actress who gave me that gift of so many irrepressible fits of laughter so long ago is a pretty impressive testament to her talent.
  3. wow, she was on there a looong time! i remember her when I was a little girl and my mom watched it! sad.
  4. Wow, wonder what she died of? People used to tell me I could be her twin. When I was 17, I worked as a cashier in a grocery store and some kid came up and asked me if I was on TV. His mom said he was mistaking me for her.
  5. Oh, that's so sad. I don't watch GH anymore but I do remember her character very well from when I did watch it years back. I wonder what she died of too. :sad:
  6. Yeah it is very sad. And she was so young too. I was very surprised that it was said they believed she earned millions of dollars after GH selling her lingerie line on one of the shopping channels (HSN or QVC). I always wonder what the soap stars do after they are off the show.

    So sad!!
  7. I about did a double take! I used to watch GH years ago and she was awesome! Very sad to pass away so young. Wikipedia claims she died from renal (kidney) failure..."...Kepler was admitted to the hospital at Oregon Health & Science University on February 1, 2008, and died the same day from renal failure. [1] [2] She was married twice and twice divorced. She was survived by a brother, Fred."