General Health Warning: Drink your water!!

  1. I was in the hospital last night thinking I was going to die. I had pressure on the back of my head that was causing me to spasm out and pass out. This had been lasting for three days. I was afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up the next morning. I was sure that I had a brain tumor or the golfball cist on the back of my head had finally gone malignent. I had been doing normal activities and had been drinking plenty of water and working my job.

    Apparently I didn't realize that 8 glasses of water might not be enough for everyone. We found out that for the last week or so I have been slowly killing myself with dehydration because I haven't been drinking enough fluid to compensate my activity even though I had been drinking constantly in between breaks and drinking the required "8 glasses of water"

    So I just wanted to let Pfers know to please drink your water and gatorade!
  2. sorry to hear about your hospital experience..are you feeling better?

    I'll be sure to drink lots of water, thanks for the tip.
  3. I always drink lots of water.

    How are you feeling now? I hope better.
  4. drinking too little water can cause major migraines, I had them during my pregnancies :sad:
    Did they give you an IV? Everytime I got an IV in the hospital mine went away, that's how we knew it was dehydration.
  5. geesh!! Yes drinking water is a good habit to get into. I've always been fine because I don't drink anything else other than tea, simply because I don't like it. Plus I've never understood how people can quench their thirst with coke. ew.
    I was in the hospital once because my right calf would not stop spasming, i literally went to sleep with it clenching and then unclenching. Turns out i was low on electrolytes. They gave me a few tiny pills and it went away. This is also when I used to work out all the time, so I was sweating everything out. So these are things we all need to watch.
  6. I know for a fact that i don't drink enough water. I am a coke drinker. Thats probably why i have so many headaches. I hope you get well soon and thanks for posting this, I am definitely going to start drinking more water.
  7. It's a simple fact that our bodies are made of over 75% water, so it only makes sense that we must keep ourselves well hydrated.

    I'm with you Danica: soda pop? YETCH! I will however, confess to enjoying Dr. Pepper with LOTS of ice (more ice than soda!) once or twice a year though. Hey, nobody's perfect.:shrugs:
  8. Wishing you a quick recovery! Thankfully your problem was diagnosed and the "medicine" is water.

    I know what you mean about needing more than the average person, though. I need to drink tons and tons of water to keep from getting headaches - much more water than a normal person would drink. Thankfully that's the only beverage I like except for an occasional diet caffeine-free Coke.

    Good luck to you!
  9. I agree water is important. Think about it...your body is made up of about 2/3 water. Your entire body needs to replenish it often.

    For those of you who don't like plain water there's a great product called True Lemon and True Lime. They come in indiviual servings (like sweet n low packets) that you can easily keep in your bag. They taste like you just added a teaspoon of juice in your drink with no sweeteners or calories whatsoever, just pure crystalized lemon (or lime) juice. I love these!!!
  10. OMG sweetie!! I am so glad ur OK! What a scare!!

    I live in Arizona, so it is soooo crucial to drink water esp. here!!

    Thanks for the reminder:smile:
  11. I get migraines really easily if I go from being too hot too too cold or something like that and I noticed that if I have drunk a lot of water during the day then they are less likely to happen or can be prevented completely. Also, water is great for flushing out ya body and making you healthy so I say YAY to water lol.
  12. i ran onto a site by accident and it is very informational.
  13. i really hope you're feeling better! :flowers::flowers:
    fortunately i'm used to drink a lot during the day...