General Fatal Error at

  1. I just tried to go to NAP to catch another glimpse of the lovely Little Stam....and I got the message that "This Store is Closed. A general fatal error has occurred".This is a new one;I'm used to 'Heavy traffic' but this sounds worrying.

  2. I'm sure it's just a server issue. Don't worry..
  3. Good grief, that sounds apocalyptic and grim. Just some Internet issue, I'm sure.
  4. Quirky, I take back my original reply - it does look strange. It says this store is closed? Maybe they're changing the website name or something. Hmmm.
  5. I got to thier entry page, and it says "please excuse the site if your having troubles, we are currently going under a new look" or something like that. I somehow manage to get to the chloe part of thier site, but when i click handbags, it brought me to 'the store is closed'.

    hmmmm weird!
  6. Ooops - how strange!?! They have been writing things about "website update - sorry about slow traffic" lately, but this "store is closed"-thing is really odd.
  7. It's OPEN!
  8. NAP was undergoing changes in the store structure...
  9. Yeah, they've been doing updates all week so I wondered when they were going to have to close it to do the final stuff. Here's hoping that it's faster now. I knew it wouldn't go down, I've been keeping it in business for months now!:lol:
  10. ^^^lol!
  11. Yeah and I'm awaiting some MJ shoes so I have a personal interest in the store not "closing down" right now :lol: .

    It appears to be back...sighing over little Stam again....:love:
  12. LOVE the way they support PF, but their site is WAYYYY slow to load for me in the UK - but, always worth it! ;)

  13. Yep like vlad said they were changing up their site... should be back up now!
  14. They have a wonderful new look!!!! Applause!!!! So easy to browse and so much faster!

    Also,my shoes arrived and are great:biggrin: .

    I got these. Really comfy for 10cm heels!!