General Ebay question-

  1. Is it okay to mention you are an active member of the purse forum on your eBay auctions? I just wanted to double check to make sure that is allowed before doing it.
    Thanks ladies !
  2. ^I don't know whether or not it is allowed but I have seen many sellers do it. I know that doesn't really help much or answer your question, but I just wanted to add that. ;)
  3. I believe it is okay since I've seen many sellers do that.
  4. I think its ok as long as you don't put in the .com at the end. Just mention The Purse Forum It seems that links get sellers in trouble and its not worth it.
  5. I always thought it was okay as long as you don't advertise your auctions here. I don't know about actually putting it in the auction, but I've found that a buyer and myself were on tPF and that made us trust each other a tad more since we're both active members. I don't put it out there on my auction though, don't really see a need to.