General chat.

  1. Hi all. Thought we could do with a general chat thread! I can never remember which bits are in which threads so this one can be where we natter on......

    Chaz - I'm with you on the scaredy cat bit. I'm blind as a bat with my contacts but no way is anyone going near my eyes with a laser! My lines & wrinkles are just going to have to stay as I'm a complete baby.
    Talking of babies - my two were whoppers too. 8lb 9 and 10lb 2oz! Both were planned c-sections (one high breech/gen anaesthetic; one huge/spinal block) so I'm a mother who's never had a contraction in her life. Bit odd really.....
    Anyway, I'm at a meeting all day so have fun chatting and will catch you all later.....
  2. This is a fab idea for a thread!! Like you I'm always losing which threads I've put different off topic things on,and when someone replies i often don't reply as soon as,which I think makes me look a bit rude and I am not really bothered about anyone else is saying!! And then when I'm having a bit of a flit,I'll come across it and reply and it does make me feel like I'm coming across a bit not bothered unless I'm bored!! And that is so not true!!!!
    Plus it will stop me clogging up other peoples threads with off topic gossiping, and I do love a good gossip with you all!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. hello- just found this thread- what a good idea! Well seeing as we are on baby weight stories my twins were 5lb 2oz and 6lb 2 oz and my singleton was 8lb 13oz.
    sarajane - what a 10lb whopper you had- glad you had a c-section otherwise it would make my eyes water!!:sweatdrop:

    Chaz- I seem to be accumulating favours don't I ??!!!:lol:
  5. OMG!!! Thats it!! Its official!!! I am such a puff!!!!!!! Sophie was a mere dot in comparison!!!!
  6. eeeerr,just a bit!!!! I think this thread is such a good idea as I don't remember where I posted that last 'favour' post to you!!!!

    I think we should nickname this thread NT (natter thread) and then we can NT each other if we start going off topic on other peeps threads???xxxxx
  7. kROQUET!!!! What is the time difference between us?? As sometimes when you are on and we're chatting I have to disappear off to bed(the sleeping tablets kick in and thats it,bed it is) At least I can say good night to you on here!!! And not be taking space on a question thread,I'm sure the answer they would be after is not me saying good night!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. I Have 4 boys my first was 9lb 8 oz my second was 10lb 10oz my last 2 were a more reasonable 7lb 7oz all traditional births
    Good idea to have a general chat thread
  9. Oh just stop now!! Your all showing off!!!.........................................btw jackie,ow!!xxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Hello , Fab idea for a thread !!

    Both my girls were planned c-sections ,my first was 4lb 11oz and my baby Hannah was 6lb 5 oz and I am quite happy with my two girls certanly not trying for a boy !!
  11. Yep,on the scaredy cat line,I'm content with Sophie!! Andy is a 6'2'' ex-rugby player,I'm a 5'6'' twig size 6/8 so no more from me!!! The next one would probably be big enough to walk out!!!!xxxxxxxxx:sweatdrop::push::tdown:
  12. I`ve just fell off my chair , Laughing !!!!!!
  13. Shame I did'nt book a section when I fell pregnant,and its nothing to do with being too posh to push!!!! I was screaming for one at the end!
  14. Great idea for a thread! Chaz, its 8:20am for me and I am at work. The time difference is horrible because when all of you are on, I can't get anything done!! Oh well, I am off for the rest of the week after today!
    I had twins (boys) that were 4"2 and 4"1 ( lost one though, sadly) and my daughter was 6"10. Both deliveries were by C-section, so not much pain! I can only NOT imagine those big babies!!:sad:
    I was wondering what you all thought of a Christmas recipe swap. I chuckle so much more now during the day because of all of you, I thought that I would love to try some of your favorite dishes this holiday and I can toast my new friends. If anyone is interested I will post something tomorrow (maybe a true Texas pie). Everyone have a great day!

    :yahoo:My Bayswater is on the FEd Ex truck for delivery today!!!!
  15. ^^^^ Oooo fabulous idea - I love it when I talk mince pies to Americans!!!! They usually have a marmite moment with them - either love em or hate em.