general bag question! :D

  1. hi! :heart:

    i am just wondering if anyone can recommend a bag that fits over the shoulder, and is large enough to carry a water bottle, gym towel (not a large towel, but a hand towel or face cloth size), diapers (am expecting soon), and maybe a few other things like wallets, phone, milk bottle etc... i dont want an oversized bag, but something large enough that i can bring to the gym when i go to work out (they have babysitting there). thanks muchly to everyone!! :yahoo:
  2. Hi!

    BH! Not my personal favorite, but I know that's what everyone is going to say.

    You can also try the Noe. :yes: I think the petit noe can work, too...the great thing about the petit noe is that it's really compact in size but can hold a lot!
  3. Have you also considered the cabas piano or BV? Both bags aren't huge, either...
  4. saleya GM, Lockit H, Mezzo, or antigua cabas gm:smile:
  5. yeah i would say with those requirements, the antigua cabas gm would be a nice, classy safe bet. It's pretty tough, at least it looks tough...:yes:
  6. thanks everyone! one more question, do u think the vernis reade mm would work? thanks!
  7. Honestly, I think the Reade is too small to fit what you need. :sad: Do you have an estimate of how big the bag you want? Because I know you wanted something that's not too big...
  8. hi, no, sorry, i dont have an estimate. something larger than 10" though and straps that are large enough to carry on my shoulder. i prefer something outside of the monogram line too. sorry, i feel picky. i appreciate everyone's help though. i just didnt want to go to the store and try on everything since they dont even put their whole stock out on display. :sad:
  9. i think the reade will be too small and probably not a good idea to use a vernis bag as an everyday one.

    you can try the bagtinolles as well or the lockit =)

    if you don't want the monogram line, the other lines that come to mind are the damier, antigua, or epi line.

    For the damier, there'es the parioli (but i'm not wild about the design), or saleya GM (which is pretty big)

    The antigua is more casual looking though and it'll have to be a cabas

    For epi line. for that, the passy GM or Dhanura MM

    Good luck!
  10. Hmmm...I think the Vernis Houston *could* work (don't quote me on that because I don't have this bag).

    I think the Epi Mandara MM is a good option, too. Have you also considered the Damier Uzes?
  11. thanks everyone! i think i will likely get an epi noe or something in the damier line or a mono lockit. i am somewhat narrowing it down. apprecite all your help and patience! :heart:
  12. i actually like coach for that kind of thing. plus, if a towel, liquid, and diapers, things of that ilk that are not always entirely clean are going to be in the bag, do you really want to spend an absolute fortune? for about$400, maybe less, the coach totes are great. multipocketed and durable.
    i have one in black, its all the way in the back of this pic. it's not oversized, its properly sized for fashion and function. and it is a little wider than it looks in the pic.
    coach collection.jpg
  13. Yes, it is :smile: and no vachetta to worry about at the gym!
  14. Whatever it is that you purchase, try to get something that closes. Eventually you'll be bringing small toys in there, too. The toys plus everything else can go tumbling out and it can be bothersome especially with a baby along.
  15. As everyone said, no way...the reade wouldn't even fit 2 diapers is pretty darn small