Gene Simmons Family Jewels

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  1. I'm watching it on A & E right now.

    I LOVE this show! It's about Gene Simmons, his partner Shannon Tweed and their children Nick and Sophie.

    They're like the non-traditional, traditional family.

    This is from

    Welcome to the unconventional family life of KISS front man Gene Simmons. Simmons and actress Shannon Tweed have been happily unmarried for twenty years and have two children, Nick and Sophie. Gene Simmons Family Jewels reveals a side of Gene that has remained hidden until now. See the softer side of this metal manic as he balances his rock star life with his role as a dad.

    I've seen Rock School on VH1, and he did a guest voice as himself on two episodes of Family Guy, but this show is cool, because it shows him being himself and how he interacts with Shannon and his children.
  2. The son is funny as hell! I love the part where Shannon and Gene go on the retreat and Nick walks in on Sophie and the "sitter" and imitates Gene.
  3. Nick is really cute!

    I can't wait for the new season.
  4. Ah, there are pictures floating around of Gene after a recent facelift. I think it'll be part of the new season.
  5. Nick is hilarious! the kids are really down to earth. Can't wait for the 2nd season
  6. I didn't recognize him! He must have had his eyes done too... they were closed shut, they were so puffy. I'm sure he'll look fine after the swelling goes down.

    Apparently Shannon also had a face lift, at the same time... I didn't think she needed one, though. :shrugs:
  7. I tuned in and thought it was a funny show! I love Nick he is cute! Not sure why Cheryl thought she needed a face lift? I seen Gene on and they showed a picture of him well-healed after surgery and he looks great!
  8. This is one of my favorite shows! My hubby even enjoys watching it. I honestly would've thought that their kids would be spoiled, but they seem like really great kids. You can see that their parents did instill values in them!
  9. I thought Shannon didn't get a face lift because she said it's possible she's pregnant?
    Thats the last show I saw.
  10. Apparently the new season shows that she wasn't pregnant and went ahead with the operation. (I really didn't think she needed it!)
  11. I watched this show late Sunday night, there was a mini-marathon on or was really amusing! I've always thought of Gene Simmons as this creepy, angry man but he's almost like a regular guy.
  12. New season starts tomorrow 9/8c
  13. when does this come on?

    it's a&e, right?
  14. Nick: You call it happily unmarried, Mom calls it... waiting.

    (discussing the 4600 women their father claims he's been with)
    Sophie: So that would be what, one woman a night for 16 years?
    Nick: I don't believe it. He'd be too tired.

    Sophie: Why do you think Dad has women - good looking young ones - following him around all the time?
    Nick: He pays them.

    Nick: (describing Gene's fans) Gene please sign my boob - that's the guy fan.

    Nick: Business is Dad's crack. When everyone else was smoking crack, Dad was making money on the side.
    (I love how, in this one, Shannon makes Nick pat Gene down and confiscate his cell phone.)

    Sophie: I guess you could compare Dad's cell phone to a cyst. It doesn't come off.
  15. am I the only one that thinks the 2 ladies he met after his book signing, was a set up?

    This show is alright, but nothing tops the Osbournes - Sharoooooonnnn:roflmfao: