1. You know how when you fill out applications for things, there's az gender secetion with male or female. I was talking to a friend earlier. Do you think on these types of forms there should be more options? For intersexed or transgender people?
  2. Hmmmm interesting question. However, most people that I have know that were transgendered always thought of themselves as the sex they were becoming and not the sex they were born. So most of them would put the sex they felt they should be. KWIM?
  3. ^^^I totally know what you mean. I meant it more for intersexed people, but thought if I wrote that, would it be leaving out transgendered. I agree with you.

  4. Hmm intersexed. It's pretty rare and I have actually not known any people who are intersexed myself (or any that were open about it) so I couldn't really speak for them other than the shows I have watched about that subject. In which it also appears that they relate more to one gender than the other!?! Interesting though, never really thought about it...
  5. gender actually is denominated masculine/feminine

    sex is male/female

    gender is about how you feel, sex is biological. so, if they are calling it gender, well, i guess intersexed or transgendered people should just check what they feel like.
  6. I think you should go by your appendages or lack thereof. Penis - male. No penis - female. After that, I think your'e getting into things that may not have anything to do with why you are being asked. So I guess it would also depend on what the form was about?
  7. :confused1:
    Intersexed? People who feel they are both male/female? I thought transgender was what Syntagma described on her 1st post.
  8. Intersexed is actually people with both sexual organs otherwise known as hermaphrodites (spelling?). Typically the sex is determined by the Dr.'s and parents at birth though and one of the set of organs is removed.
  9. OH! I misunderstood. Don't they correct that pretty early on? Or do they wait till they are adults?
  10. I think most of the time it is "corrected" soon after birth, and usually the child is not told that there is anything unusual. There is definitely some feeling, though, that surgery should be put off until the child is old enough to decide whether it feels like a boy or a girl. I think the vast majority of the time the penis/clitoris is cut down and made to look like a normal clitoris, and the child is raised as a female for the reason that this is much easier than trying to make it into a regular penis.

    There is an interesting novel called Middlesex that won the Pulitzer in which the protagonist is an intersexed person who does not figure it out until puberty.
  11. This is why I asked the question in the first place. I think people should be happy the way the are. Maybe some people weren't meant to be a "man" or a "woman". So, we as a society, should accept them. Imagine having to have a surgery to fit in. :sad:
  12. I don't think it would be necessary because it's "sex" that refers to what a person is anatomically/genetically. Gender refers to a role and a transgendered person would normally select to check off whichever one he/she has become.

    According to my anthropology studies, anyways.
  13. I don't think its necessarily about fitting in as much as it is being at peace with themselves. Not all people like this are happy the way they are. Thats the problem. What a thing to have to go through early in life, huh? Its hard enough to get through childhood without this also constantly on your mind. If the person wants to go one way more than the other they should be able to make that choice for themselves regardless of what others want them to be. :yes: IMO
  14. hmm I dont know any intersex people but I know from TV programmes that they usually look more masculine or feminine so I think they would put what they look like although I think its unfair for someone with this problem to have to choose...I dont think it will change. :smile:
  15. I understand what you mean, but I'm sure some intersexed people don't feel male or female. So, "being at peace with themselves", means not being either. I just think our society should make it easier for those who feel this way. Ok, you have the choice of male or female, but you're both and neither. If it were me, I wouldn't feel accepted.