Gen_Y kid's collection

  1. Hello all...

    I've been following alot of your threads and drooling for a while now, but i personally only started collecting 3 years ago, I think long and hard :confused1: about what I want to have to keep :heart:and i only buy something for myself as a treat everytime i go overseas. I guess it's also how i control the 'addiction':graucho:. Here is a peek into my tiny collection and i will keep updating it as I go along. The exciting thing is I'm going to Europe after Xmas... I will definitely be adding to my collection then!:yahoo:

    In the pic:

    LV Damier Papillon 26
    LV Framboise Reade PM
    Fendi Pochette Cles (Equivalent)
    Dior Trotter Saddle pouch
    LV Mono Pochette Marelle
    Gucci Black Abbey Tote
    LV Framboise Courveture Agenda Fonctionnel PM

    No prizes for guessing which is my fav brand and colour !!!:wlae:
  2. Great the Papillon!
  3. Here are more individual shots of my prized possessions. Sorry bear with me... my connection is unbelievably slow...
    Pochette Marelle.JPG Framboise Agenda.jpg My LV Papillon 26.jpg Xmas and CNY 002.jpg
  4. Thanks Sewon... it was a must have piece for me. :smile:
  5. your vernis agenda is cool...:p
  6. And here is my Framboise Reade PM... the latest addition to the group. The first pic was b4 i cleaned her up with Magis Eraser. You can't really see the stains, but there were a few spots on the handle on the left side of the pic (If you know where to look) but the 2nd pic was after some lovely TPFers shared their knowledge and I decided to take the plunge.

    Voila! Beautiful handles now. :yahoo: I love it like it's new now. :drool::heart:

    ooo and i almost forgot...I've added my Dior sunnies in there for good measure.
    P8190077.JPG P9030001.JPG
  7. your framboise reade is so pretty!
  8. OMG, I am SOOOOOOO jealous of your Framboise reade and agenda!!!!!
  9. What a lovely collection, you have a great mix going there! Those Vernis pieces are just stunning. :drool:

    What are your shopping plans for Europe? It's a great idea to get your pieces whilst away, because they'll always have that extra-special feel of being not just a new purchase but also a souvineer - when the newness wears off, the memories attached to that piece of a great holiday will always remain.
  10. i love everything!!!! great collection!!!
  11. Thanks Nathaniel, ditzeechick, couture girl and durobags! I love my pieces dearly too... and yeah the framboise pieces were my must have because i was absolutely nutters over that colour last year when it was new! I think I'm on a Pomme phase now tho...
    which brings me to your question FrankieP, I am torn between getting the Pomme Rox (which a gorgeous sexy bag which I might not get much mileage out of...and this is hoping the colour will still be ard then as well) and the Epi Ivoire Petit Noe (Which is lovely and casual chic but just worried about whether there might be problems keeping it clean). *gulp*

    might make a post for you guys to vote closer to the date. But hehehe, def wanna get something whilst i'm there!
  12. nice collection.
  13. Do you find the Dior saddle bag easy to wear? I've always been curious about that bag.
  14. Gorgeous, love both your Vernis and the Fendi cles! And the Dior!
  15. great collection! love the reade!! you must share pics when you decide what you will bring home!