gem tv addicted!!!

  1. has anyone heard of this? I am so hooked !!!
  2. I don't know what it is. What channel is it on?
  3. Are you talking about jewelry television? You can also watch that on the website.
  4. lol...My Aunt was ADDICTED not so long ago. She had insomnia and late in the night she would order and order and order! She did not keep half of it but good lord...she would shop up a storm! She kept a credit card by her bed at all times. She is over it now!
  5. ive watched it. are any of their things even good??
  6. Back when I was in college, my sister and I must have watched 100s of hours of it while we were home over the summer. So addictive. Dawn was our favorite.

    Never bought anything though. Has anyone?
  7. I have bought a few pieces from Qvc, Hsn, jewlery tv, and shopnbc.

    My favorite are qvc and hsn, but only for certain items for casual looks....for something more expensive...local jewler is a much better bet. Some jewlery designers that are featured at shopnbc is nice, but overall they are overpriced.
  8. omg the gems are fab and authentic, nothing synthetic, I love all their pieces!
  9. Jewelry tv? My friend was totally obsessed and got many things at rock bottom prices when they weren't as well known. Her guy even got her engagement ring there (2 ct tanzanite). Real stuff, though no platinum and no high end diamonds, pink sapphires, etc.
  10. not a fan of this :sad: hubby says the quality of their pieces aren't good
    (he's a jeweler by trade) be careful with what you buy from them..
  11. If it is the same 'Gems tv' that we have in the UK please beware;

    The gems are real but the quality is very poor, often very badly cut stones and cheap flimsy settings. All put together in Thailand! I've had a few things from them but they have been so bad they've all gone back. They have also been in trouble with several broadcasting authorities for some of their stunts, personally would not touch them with a barge pole. Sorry if that seems harsh but I'm really unhappy with them. :hysteric:

    Could tell you some details that would put you off for life but don't want to bore you all :roflmfao:
  12. I've also wondered where they get the 'values' for the jewellery... I once saw a tazanite ring with a value of something like £1500?? It's ridiculous.
  13. For Jewelry Television, I'm 0 for 3. I bought one of their gem packages, diamond earrings, and a tanzanite ring. The quality of the stones is not all that great, and I sent each purchase back. I like to see what I'm buying in person, because had I seen each of these items first, I would not have bought any of them.
  14. that sucks that youve had such a bad experiance. my grandparents are both retired jewlers from THAILAND, and honestly, i love Love LOVE jewlery shopping in thailand. their settings are beautiful (cultural jewls.) im so pleased with the 12 yellow canary diamond my grandfather had miners get for me. he put it together himself. and i have a beautiful ruby baby ring handed down from my family to me that my grandparents had made. :] :tup:
  15. I think you've stated the difference straight away there though, your grandparents are jewellers!:tup: the peeps that Gems tv use are def not classed as jewellers, they show film footage of these poor people crammed in together just like a sweat shop, mass producing very poor items.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the chaps that know what they are doing are great (like your grandparents), same the whole world over, but there is nothing that would stand the test of time or last long enough to hand down through generations coming out of Gems tv. Every aspect of it is about keeping the cost down, something a real jeweller probably would not seem as the most important point to something they wanted to make.

    I also hate the enormous start prices like the tanzanite mentioned earlier, they will start at some ridiculous figure to imply a worth (even though they repeatedly state that it is not there for that reason :shrugs:) then sell it for a small £299! The trouble they have been in too and yet continue to trade astounds me.:wtf: