gelnails... should I do it?

Apr 26, 2006

I'm thinking of getting my nails done (gelnails...)
has anyone ever had them...
I was going to get gelnails done that look like a french manicure but every now and then I love polishing my nails black (chanel) but it it ok to do that with gelnails...
if yes, than how do you remove the polish after a few days?


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Apr 26, 2006
problem is, my nails are great - in the winter!
in the summer they're awfull, break REALLY easy, can't really grow them out, and just look bad (to me) that's why I was think of getting them done, a friend of mine owns a nail studio and was going to do them for me for a great price, so even having them re-done every 3 weeks is not an issue...

but is it ok to polish them? (like with chanel black satin?)


Apr 21, 2008
I had mine done with acrylic but I did not like it, and preferred resin (a gel is applied on top)--it is totally transparent. I find removing nail polish is not a problem as long as new coats are applied; over all it becomes quite expensive, fills can be done only a certain amount of times and then your nails needs full coating again because of discolouration... However, if you have good nails avoid acrylic and resin (with gel coating) because when you decided to stop, your nails will be very fragile for about a year.
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Whiskey in a Teacup
Oct 31, 2007
you can put polish over gel nails. after you cure them initially when you are having them done, you rub acetone based polish remover to get the gunk off, so obviously that doesn't damage the nails. You polish and remove polish the same way as you do on regular natural nails. as long as there is gel of some kind on the top layer, you should be fine. it's only when it is unprotected acrylic that you don't want to use acetone based remover.


Apr 11, 2006
I was only thinking of doing it for the summer.... in the winter I'll keep my nails short and dark....
what do you think? will the damage be that bad after a few months?

OPI Nail Envy - don't leave home without it(your nails must always have polish)! Also, wear gloves to wash dishes, scrub or clean (I got nice cotton lined non-latex gloves at williams-sonoma). I wouldn't do gel, it will weaken the nails and makes it easier to get nail fungus.
Apr 26, 2006
^^^ I think I'll get them done... My friend who will do them for me, said I would come back every 3 weeks to get them redone and at the end of the summer, she'll remove them and do her best to make sure my nails are ok!!
- could take a month to get them back to strengh but she has some great products to help...
- I think it couls be worth is... I hate my short damaged summer nails... I wear hardner all the time but I've had this for years... my nails are awful in the summer!