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  1. I did my Gelish manicure, and I do like it a lot! My Shellac started peeling after about 9 days, but my nails grow very fast - they are so soft though, so they usually tear....I think I like the Gelish better since my nails are so soft. It was easy to apply, and we'll see how it wears! I put on a very light neutral shade to start, so I can get used to it...

    FYI - my salon tech used plain nail polish remover to remove the sticky layer - not alcohol, and it worked fine!
  2. When I did my first Gelish manicure, I wasn't sure about the "tacky" layers either -- tried to wipe it down from the first couple of nails using a sable brush I'd purchased from Sally's years ago when I used to do my own acrylics and made a total mess. So I ended up starting over and the second time I didn't bother wiping it down. First attempt at manicuring wasn't the greatest, but I'm sure with time, I will get the technique down. It took me some time to perfect my acrylic technique too and I'm used to the thinness of OPI polish. But since no polish will last on my nails for longer than 2 days, I thought I'd give this a try.

    Today I picked up a synthetic "Gel" IBD brush from Sally's which I will use next go around for the "wipe down". Was reading an interesting article that says the "tacky" or "goopy" layer is caused because of the oxygen exposure which prevents the UV light from curing that top layer.

    Interesting note on the lamps -- I too picked one up from eBay, and mindful of the comments on either this or the Shellac thread, decided to avoid the Hong Kong shippers. Found a UK shipper that was just $2 more in price. Ordered the lamp on a saturday and it arrived on my doorstep on a thursday. Was quite pleased. Happened to go into eBay this morning and holy cow... a number of the shippers seem to have raised their prices. If you can believe it, the shipper I used went from $26.99 to $129.99!!
  3. RunnerGal what size/shape brush from Sally's did you pick up? I just picked 2 different ones up for the same purpose but really was unsure on what to buy for the dry brush. Can you use something else besides a brush to do the wipe down?

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    when she wiped it did she use a brush or a lint free wipe?

    RunnerGal- Can you post a link to what light you bought? Just curious what you all ended up with :smile:
  5. By the way, I bought sponge tipped makeup applicators and used that to gently wipe the first layer of Gelish - worked like a charm and reusable! I used a cotton ball with the Harmony Cleanse to do my top layer - no issues with lint. I think there is a lot of give and take with the instructions.

    My nail tech used a lint free wipe to get the sticky off the top layer of Shellac - with regular polish remover.
  6. This is the lamp I bought...

    Seller is from China, but the item shipped from the UK. Mine has the on/off and the "start" switch at the back, and is automatically set for 120 second intervals. I was originally looking at a much more expensive lamp that had 1, 2 and 3 minute options, but buynails apparently ran out of it at the point where they were ready to ship. From what I can tell by reading an article about the UV lamps, its not the actual light, but the invisible UVA rays that cures the polish, so I have a feeling that it doesn't matter what kind of tunnel lamp you buy (so long as it has at a minimum 3 9w bulbs) -- it's the quality of the bulbs that will ultimately matter. At some point in the future, I may consider ponying up money to buy the "real" CND bulbs, presuming it's a standard housing for 9w bulbs, to see if that makes a difference. But all things considered, I'm happy with my purchase.

    My lamp is just like this one, from a different seller:

    As far as the brush I got from Sallys, it's IBD's Gel Brush #6 flat. I purposely went for a synthetic brush over a natural hair brush. It was around $8.

    The Gelish colors are interesting -- the color wheels posted earlier on this forum are helpful, but it's still hard to tell on some of the darker ones. I bought Gossip Girl, hoping it would be close to OPI's Pompei Purple (which is one of my all-time faves). I'd liken Gossip Girl to a deep pink Gerbera daisy. Not quite what I was expecting, but in the sunlight it does have a bit of shimmer that makes it really pretty. I also have Red Roses (a true/flat red), Bashful (a shimmery pink sheer), Vanilla Silk (which is also a very sheer nude), Star Burst (a somewhat frosty iris color), Exhale (a flat mauve color) and Ivory Coast (also a flat beige/nude color). I'm not sure I really like the Bashful, Vanilla Silk and Ivory Coast, but oh well. I am really looking for a creamy pale pink similar to OPI's "Privacy Please"/ Shellac's "Romantique". Any suggestions of the Gelish equivilent would be appreciated.

    One of these days, my Shellac order will arrive and then I'll give that a try, but so far I'm liking the Gelish because my nails are very prone to splitting and breaking. I'm already seeing some wear on the tips, but I knew that I didn't get a good seal on the ends -- never did perfect that technique, even with regular polish.
  7. I LOVE my Gelish even more than the Shellac (and Axxium Soak-Offs) that I've used for 1-2 months. I had much success with my clients using the Axxium soak-off gels and was hesitant to even like the Shellac when I bought it. I only began using it on those clients that when I removed them hated having the top sealer filed off prior to soaking in acetone. Much to my surprise my clients were thrilled with Shellac!

    What I noticed was that it didn't lift the way it did on my clients that had little free edge which is needed to effectively seal the Axxium (which prevents Axxium from lifting.) The Shellac wears away on the edges eventually vs. chipping/peeling off. I also starting using it on my Axxium clients that love to pick at their nails. They seemed to love peeling their Axxium off.

    SO, Shellac sold me on the benefits of gel lacquers. Why did I jump from Shellac to Gelish?

    1) 48 colors!!!!! (Shellac has 12 & won't release new colors til March 2011)
    2) Twice the product for my money
    3) More durable than Shellac
    4) A more natural looking French Application
    5) There is a money back guarantee
    6) By ordering the full set (all 48) from Nail Tech Supply- I saved 51% of the total cost- 51%!!!! This is about $10 a bottle that has twice the amount of $17 Shellac!
    7) It has "Structure" which can add the option of extra strength
    8.) You can get it almost immediately instead of searching desperately for for Shellac especially the base & top coats.
    9.) AND I LOVE that the Nail Harmony founder, Danny Haile, not only teaches classes around the world himself, he also answers Nail Tech's questions himself on various tech blogs (WOW!)

    The con of Gelish over Shellac?

    The only challenge that I've found is that the Gelish top coat/sealer requires some filing before soaking off. Some clients hate the filing and it adds a bit more time to removal. However, I've been going against the recommended use of all one product line for a service by using the Shellac top coat instead for no-filing removal. As long as I can get my hands on a bottle of Shellac top coat I will continuing to do this for my clients that are fearful of the file. I'm hoping that Nail Harmony will just come up with their own version. Nail Harmony's Gelish top coat is SHINIER & more DURABLE just not as easy to remove. I simply as my clients which is their priority, durability or no filing.

    This is far more than you were wondering about but I know that for me I want all the info I can get before making an investment in a product. I LOVE GELISH!
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    Hello edie love...thanks for your extensive Harmony/Gelish 'pitch'

    I do like Gelish...but there is a much bigger difference than you are putting forth.

    For those deciding...I like both, but they are very different in feel so what ever you decide just look at the products....and remember, you can use them together.

    My personal preference is shellac..yes I am the OP in gelish thread...but after trying both for for a couple of manicures, I decide shellac is a better fit for me...why?

    The simple answer is it looks more natural and you can tell it is my natural nails. With the gelish it looks like a gel, which (as I said before) nothing is wrong with per se, I just like the natural nail look more...and sorry edielove...the french shellac is far more natural looking. The Gelish french looks just like tips. Also SHELLAC IS FAR EASIER TO REMOVE. Cost: Both cost about $16 a bottle, yes the gelish gives you twice as much product...but as DIYers are we really going to go through 40 applications (what the shellac gives you) in a year, let alone 80? OK, I have to address Danny Haile...he seems like a nice enough guy...but he is very anti DIY, which since he is (was) a nail tech and considers nail techs his bread and butter, makes sense. But as an entrepreneur, it is too bad that he is being so short sighted. As most of us are DIYers, I think we agree that both shellac and gelish are very easy to use and this big hype about 'professional issue only' is rubbish and such arrogance is a bit off putting.

    OK, with all that said, I do like gelish colors and will use them when I want something with a little more pop...and even more often I will add a single layer of a gelish sparkle color in between my shellac layers. I will say gelish is more durable and has more strength...which makes sense since it is thicker and looks and acts more like an enhancement.
  9. I ordered my Gelish from Nail Tech Supply on Aug 4th (evening). When I go to check my order status it still says processing. Does that mean it has not shipped or does that site not change the status?

    Thanks for the info.
  10. It could be that they are out of one of the colors you ordered. My order was slightly delayed, and then I realized that it was likely because of a temporary out-of-stock issue. On the bright side, there seems to be far fewer issues of Gelish shortages than Shellac. I doubt you will have to wait long.

    Had a couple of re-does on the few fingers I was really unhappy with... Personally, I think the "brush" wipedown is better than the "lint free wipe". My wipes state they are lint free, but they sure aren't. The Gelish brush picked up the fibers and made a mess of the nail. Also, be sure to get the top coat over all of the Gelish polish coat... my nails looked fabulous, up until I went to "cleanse" and found out where I'd not gotten the top-it-off on. So long as you wipe off any top-it-off that you get over your cuticles before curing, the cuticles will clean up fabulously. One aspect I'm loving above all else is that if you smudge a nail prior to curing it, it's no problem to go back over and smooth it out. Try that with a regular polish -- all I ever got was a mess and then inevitably had to start the nail all over again.

    I've never tried the Shellac, so I'll hold off on the comparisons until I do, but to me the Gelish feels like a very light coat of rubber over my nails. Personally, I'd never liken this to an enhancement (tho admittedly, I only ever used acrylics to sculpt my fake nails during the years I wore them, and didn't get into using gels), but it is thicker and rubberier than regular nail polish. I've got four fingers in particular that are prone to splitting, so I happen to think that for right now, the thicker Gelish is right for me. It's such an individual choice -- and it's so nice to have more than one option for these long-lasting polishes.

  11. Oolalaah - It doesn't appear that they update their site. I got my order from them last Friday, and I just checked and the status still shows as "pending" lol. I was a little annoyed with them because they never updated me or sent me a tracking number, my package just appeared from UPS last Friday.
  12. Srpturtle- Thanks so much for that info! So how long from order placed to arriving at your home? That makes me feel better that they don't update the status.
  13. I ordered on August 1st and it arrived on August 6th.
  14. Here is my mini-review. The Shellac looks more like regular polish, but the Gelish is thicker and more gel like, so better for my very weak nails (which have grown quite long!). The Gelish is also harder to soak off, takes longer. Mine started peeling from the base of my nails in less than a week too, but I think it's because of my polish job - it overlapped my cuticles in places, so lifted up as they grew out...I did a second manicure last night and they look great, I did a much better job, but the color (Ivory Coast) is HORRIBLE. Looks like a clear polish that has yellowed your nails. Really bad. I may take a darker color I have and add a few drops to the bottle to try to change it. Otherwise, it's a waste.

    Waiting for 3 more colors to arrive in the mail. :smile:
  15. Tracy- Thanks for the review of the Ivory Coast color & for your thoughts on Gelish. I just can't wait for mine to arrive!!
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