Gelish, soak off gel polish

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  1. One of my favorites as well. Good color for fall, too.
  2. :party: Congrats, I'm so glad for you. I hope it all continues to go well. I know this has been a long haul for you, and I know you're relieved that it is ending well. Your experience has been an education for us all. Your patience paid off. Good job!
  3. My first thought when I saw your new avatar was "Aww, look how pretty she is". I guess I never really saw your face very well in the old picture, maybe it was too small.
  4. I followed ferret's tutorial on how to use the silk strips for a couple of bad breaks and they have lasted several weeks and a couple of manicures. I just didn't soak the gel off of those 2 nails. I filed them down instead, so the repair would remain intact. It has worked out rather well.
  5. I concur on all counts.
  6. Thankyou NanaSue! My wonderful hubby is treating me to a CND lamp and I can build my shellac colours up slowly, I am so happy, although the shellac I had done last Wednesday has already chipped , I think it's because I have thin bendy nails, that's why I preferred Gelish, still very happy I can use it regardless.

    Stop it you guys you will make me conceited:lol::lol: thankyou:hugs:
  7. Ha Ha. They're cheater decals. I put two coats of TIO over them and they still started to wear off. I've since filed them off and did another fresh coat of TIO.
  8. Sweet husband. :smile:

    Did you decide for sure somewhere along the line that Gelish was definitely a culprit? Maybe if you don't introduce anything new in the meantime, everything continues to go well, you could try again using your one-finger elimination routine in 6 months or so.
  9. Ok so I posted before that I wanted a dup for Fiji by Essie.. So I couldn't find one in the gel so I created it myself. This is a bottle of sleek white with three drops of stand out... I think it came out pretty close.
    Also my middle finger is the one with the repair.. I had to run out and get the 5 sec glue (I was using the kiss and it wasn't holding more than two days).. So I did what everyone told me (thank you by the way) and I hope this time it will hold the duration of my mani..
    rsz_dsc02617.jpg rsz_dsc02618.jpg rsz_dsc02620.jpg

  10. Really pretty.
  11. You read my mind FLmermaid:graucho: I am not brave or emotionally stable enough to sell my harmony LED lamp and my stash of Gelish:lol:. I also have 5 geleration, 2 Le chats and a few nailite pots. I have got rid if all my Chinese stuff ( don't know really why I singled that out because it was no worse than gelish or geleration with regards to reactions) and have finished with cheap lamps forever ( which I feel are the real culprits in the long run).
  12. On one blog that I follow, the lady uses multiple layers of Shellac top coat over one coat of base to repair nails. It would be worth an experiment to use addidtional coats to give your nails more strength. If I were doing it I would do:

    1 base coat
    2 top coats
    2 or 3 color coats
    1 top coat

    Just something you might want to try.
  13. Thanks Annann, might've worth remembering that for my index fingers that tend to be the problem nails. however, I remembered last night the two chipped fingers got little 'snags' on the free edge that were catching on everything, so I risked smoothing them with a fine grit file, guess I broke the seal so it probably was my fault.
  14. I tried this and had good results:

    I got really good wear this way. It lasted almost 2 weeks -- would've been longer but I can't stand it when it starts growing out, so I changed my polish. Let me know if you try it this way. :smile:

  15. Looks very pretty...Question.. I have been trying to mix my own colors
    and having a rough time. I used some tin foil to make a small dish and then dabbed the two colors on the foil. Then used a clean brush(not from the polishes) to mix the 2 polishes together. Consistency was not good and went on my sample nail very streaky. I too was using a white with a dark purple. Thanks for your help:smile:
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