Gelish, soak off gel polish

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  1. I Bought my 12w LED from eBay seller taomore888 and it cost $99 express post fom china, arrived in 4 days and is awesome. Better brand with timers for 30,90 and 120 seconds.

    Give it a couple of days, then I would try base and top( without chroma gel) without colour from all of the brands. That will give you a double dose of the uv lamp and if the bases were ok, then you react, then it is either the cure or the top coat....

    Hang in there.... We all have our fingers crossed. Sorry for the typos baby helping....
  2. Oh so sorry Krr. I though it must have been the GOSH regular colour??? Take your time with the eliminations, otherwise you'll end up going around in circles. I SO want this to work for you.
  3. I just posted in the Gelish swatches thread and ferretkingdom's review is spot on! Here's a reproduction of my post:

    I recently purchased the BCA limited edition set, and just did a comparison swatch.

    The three new pinks are on the right in the swatch pic and in the background are (from left) Passion, Go Girl, and Pink Smoothie. I'd say the colours are very similar, especially for Pink Smoothie and Less Talk, which seems to be a shimmer version of Pink Smoothie. More Action seems to be a slightly darker, shimmer version of Go Girl. Finally, Make A Difference is a bit more pink and less coral than Passion, and has gold shimmer.

  4. Thanks for the swatches! I wanted to say that in the swatch thread, but no chatting allowed there lol
  5. I used Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga, it's the neon orange shade :biggrin:
  6. OMG I used the swatch thread to say hi in my first post. A faux pas on my first post here sigh... hope I get off light for being a silly newbie!
  7. Sorry, this is going to be a long post. I was going to send this as a PM, but then thought others who might encounter this problem might find the information on going about an elimination test helpful, so decided to go ahead and post it here.

    I think there has to be something in the SOG's that's making you react. I can't imagine it would be the curing process itself, but I guess anything is possible. I guess you could put your hands in and out of the light like you would if you were doing a manicure, but not actually do one, and see if that alone did anything, but I don't see how it possibly could!

    My initial thought, as you say with the chromagel you used regular nail polish and still reacted, but hadn't to the chromagel alone is that you are reacting either to a pigment/dye, or a solvent that's found in nail polish and many of the SOG's. Not srue if the solvents are the same, but may be of the same derivative. I'm not a chemist, so that one is out of my league. if it's a solvent, one of the pure pigmented gels that have no solvents might work for you. However, I think the base/topcoats have solvents as well, which makes me wonder if it's a dye or pigment. Sorry, thinking out loud there.

    Curious though - have you started anything new lately? A new medication, new lotion, soap, shampoo, cuticle oil, etc. Could there be ANYTHING new that maybe something in the SOG is reacting with or creating an increased sensitivity? Or even a new alcohol or acetone brand or bottle (new brand could be different processing, new bottle could be bad/contaminated batch)?

    First Of course you need to let your fingers heal. Do just basic manicures with only shaping and moisturizing with cuticle oil. If you react here, then you'd have less things to eliminate, as it could only then be either the cuticle oil or something you use in a basic manicure.

    Once healed, Then you need to systematically do a true elimination test. It's a long, slow process, but it may be the only way to isolate the problem and see if there are still products you can use.

    Separate out each and every step of your manicure process, however minimal it seems. I would make a list so it will be easier to cross things off as reaction ("not safe") or no reaction ("safe"), and make notes as to if there was any irritation how severe it is, etc.

    You'll want to try each thing for several days to a week without adding anything new. think about a food elimination diet. Say you are allergic to something in a fruit salad, but aren't sure what. You would cut out all fruit, then start eating one fruit at a time, and eat that fruit only for a week. If no reaction to it, you'd spend the next week eating a different fruit, and so on until you found the one you were allergic to. Does that make sense? I hope so, but My brain is tired from 2 hellish days of working under construction so you never know!! LOL. :p

    I would do these tests only on one finger, as was mentioned before. And, for the purpose of this at least, I would not mix brands except where you have to (like using different brands of base/top/color), for example you have a geleration color but not geleration base and topcoat. Since this could even be a reaction to a pigment, I would list each of your colors individually, test one color in each brand initially. as you find "safe" brands, you can keep that list and mark off colors you use when there is no reaction. if you suddenly react to one later down the road in a "safe" brand, then i would definitely suspect a dye or pigment or something within that specific color.

    So, here is what I would do. Start with even the most basic of things you use for your manicure. things that seem the most benign, like the cotton balls or wipes you use for removing the sticky layer. Take a plain one with nothing on it and rub it over your nail and fingertip. See if anything happens. If not, cross that off your list as "Safe" (meaning causing no reaction). Even something as simple as that can cause a reaction - cottonballs are bleached and processed for example. That item is now "safe" and eliminated from possible causes to the reaction.

    Now, use your "safe" cotton ball/wipe to rub some alcohol on a nail and fingertip. See if anything happens. If not, that is now considered safe.

    Next use the safe cotton ball/wipe to rub some acetone on your nail and fingertip. If no reaction it too is considered safe.

    If you use a dehydrator product, try that next. put it on just one nail and see if there is any reaction

    Next apply basecoat. I know you have several brands, and you were OK this last time, so if you feel safe doing so, use one brand on each finger and note which is which. The downside I see to this is that your fingers touch each other, so it can mess with the process of elimination by adding a variable. I would pick your favorite base and topcoat and use that one first, then worry about the others at a later date. At any rate, apply the basecoat only and leave it alone a few days. If no reaction, you can likely consider it safe, since your reaction seems to happen pretty quickly.

    Next I would actually try the topcoat - since you can't really apply the color without topcoat, you need to eliminate your topcoat from the list of potential things you are reacting to. Use the same brand of topcoat as your basecoat. Using the same brand eliminates the variable of possible reactions between products (even though I know many of us mix and are fine, you just don't want any extra variables in elimination tests). Apply the topcoat and leave the manicure alone a few days to see what happens. if there is no reaction your topcoat would be considered safe.

    Next, apply a color. If possible use the same brand as your base and topcoat, again to eliminate a variable. In the future, you'd have to use this same base and topcoat with all your brands of color, or do the elimination process with each brand of base and topcoat you have. But anyway, apply the color and cure, topcoat and cure. At this point if you haven't reacted, you've determined everything except the colors safe.

    If you had no reaction to that, then you'd have to start systematically trying different brands and the different colors within those brands until you found which you were reacting to, then try to find a like aspect of what is causing the reactions, whether it be all one brand, or all colors that likely contained the same dye/pigment (for example, you reacted to anything red).

    You could do this same with regular polishes. It's easy to apply regular polish over the topcoat of a SOG mani, so even if you just have base/top under regular polish, if you reacted that'd be quick to take off, and if your base/top have been deemed safe then maybe it wouldn't be such a painful process.

    Hope some of this gives you at least some ideas on how to try the elimination process. Feel free to PM me if you have questions, or if you read through this and none of it makes sense, LOL. :smile: I know sometimes I don't type things out in a logical order when i'm tired! :blush:
  8. The cherry blossom is more opaque and maybe a shade darker, but it was the closest I had in my stash. I don't have Pink Smoothie (though i want it, LOL), but Less Talk might be closer to that one. Same thing with the medium pink color (More Action) and go girl - I think they might be similar, but I don't have Go Girl. LOL. I'm only basing that on swatches I've seen of it. Seems like it is close though, based on the post from Nailartexpress. :smile:

    Glad my review of the colors was close. Sometimes I really have trouble explaining the colors. I will try to get pics tomorrow, and plan to redo my mani tomorrow as well, as I have one of my wayward pinkies that started to lift at the edge and peel today.

    To me, these are more new I guess, because I don't have Pink Smoothie or Go Girl, and I tend to love that subtle shimmer, so I think in most cases I'd even rather have these than the originals. LOL. I do have passion though, but I love that one in and of itself, so one with golden shimmer just totally rocks it for me, LOL, even if they are then close together in color. In fact, Passion is the color I always use for painting the pink ribbons on my nails when I do my pink ribbon manicures! Though, this time I even got some cool pink ribbon water decals to put on before I do my topcoat! :p

    No biggie, you posted it with your swatches, so I don't think it'll be a problem, just we cna't reply to your post there without getting dinged and talked to by the moderators, LOL. :biggrin:

    Welcome to the boards! :smile:
  9. Wow Ferret! Thankyou so much! I agree with everything you said and no, haven't tried anything else new. I am going to have a break until the skin is completely healed, it will take a while as the skin today still looks like it is preparing to split, have been rubbing in hydrocortisone cream, antihistamine cream, and also taking oral antihistamine tablets. The oral tablets have helped a lot with the itching.
    Once I have healed skin will follow this regimen to the letter!
    It's so lovely to know people across the world care enough to write such lovely long posts:hugs:
  10. I know! How wonderful of you, FK!:heart:
  11. Yes FK is amazing. You rock. I call you the SOG Guru LOL
  12. One very important addition. It is the photoinitiators that are most likely to cause sensitivity - that is why Shellac® uses fewer photoinitiators and advertises itself as hypoallergenic

    It is the uncured photoinitiators on the skin that often causes the problem, so be especially attentive to making sure your gel polish cures thoroughly. Check the bulbs on your lamp, replace them if necessary.

    Good luck and keep us informed.
  13. I'm happy to report that the first mani I posted a few pages back with the Shellac base and Gelish top coat lasted me 10 days! I had no chips but there were some surface cracks. Much better than the previous average of about 5 days before chipping.

    Anyways, I'd mentioned that I'd slowly been reading this thread over a couple of weeks and I ordered some chinese knock-offs before I got to the pages where people had problems with them...doh! Well hopefully lucky for me I ordered all layering polishes so I'm crossing my fingers that one layer on top of several others will not cause me any problems.


    So here's my new mani - 3 coats of Oocha Coocha with one coat of the knock-off Jun Yu A52, a holo glitter. Also, I don't know if anyone has mentioned it before but Oocha Coocha on it's own is a near dupe for Zoya's Charla.

    Just wondering also if anyone has tried using regular nail polish thinner in these gel polishes? I couldn't find any info on it other than the Shellac website which says no. These knock-offs are insanely thick.

    Krr607 - Sorry to hear about your reactions to the polish, I really hope you can figure out what the problem is as it seems like you really enjoy it. Wish I had some advice for you.
  14. I have been pretty quiet the past few days, but with good reason. I have been swatching and labeling non-stop. I know the picture doesn't look like mutch, but it is actually over 100 swatches! I am almost done with all of my colors, combos and glitters. As soon as I am done I will post pictures in color groups. Just thought I would give everyone a sneak peak!

  15. I LOVE this! Very pretty combo. Please let us know how your removal goes with the Jun Yu.... I have one bottle from them, but I have been too chicken to try it out.

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