Gelish, soak off gel polish

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  1. Well, I ended up with both colors on because I couldn't decide on one and was desperate to see them both on!
  2. I don't think it will be too bad, but we'll see! I do both thumbs all the time with no issues.
  3. Several of us have done this combo, and it's awesome! I think ferretkingdom posted pics in the swatch thread.
  4. This is my favorite combo, too. It is HOT, and I always get the most compliments with it! For me though, I like lighter colors in summer and darker colors the rest of the year.
  5. I've done this combo as have several others. I call it the "ruby slipper" Mani. I love the combo and have swatches posted here or in the swatch thread, or maybe both. Lol

    The gelish topcoat is acetone resistant, so wiping off the tacky layer with acetone won't hurt it
  6. Has anyone tried to use nail foils with a gelish manicure? How would you do this? I like the reflective metallic look of nail foils but wasn't sure when in the gelish process to use them (if at all). TIA!
  7. I have a weird thing happening with Good Gossip. The last couple of times I used it, I ended up with a couple of small areas of silver glitter. Is it possible I'm actually putting it on too thin and sort of exposing the glitter? Is this happening to anyone else?
  8. You're not trying to file it, are you? I have not had this happen.
  9. I've not ever had that happen either. Have you used it over anything with silver glitter that it might have picked up? If you apply it just a tad thicker does that still happen?
  10. No, not at all. The first time it happened , I didn't even notice it until a few hours after my mani. I felt a tiny rough spot on one nail, and when I looked at it I saw a couple of pieces of exposed silver glitter. Now that I'm thinking about it more, I wonder if I missed those little spots with the top coat and wiped off a little bit of the color, exposing the glitter. It's a mystery!

  11. I love this manicure! How fun!
  12. I have been hanging out watching the shellac thread, as that is what I started with, but this seems much more active. I have gotten several of the minis at Sally's and will do one of them on the next mani. I have a question. Is the chocolate mini and the sweet chocolate regular size the same color?
  13. Alright, I have a question about decals and rhinestones with this stuff. Would I put it on before or after the final top it off coat cure and wipe?
  14. Yes, fhe Gelish minis are the same colors as the full sizes.
  15. Another question while Im at it! How many of you dry brush after the foundation coat??

    It isn't in the instruction manual, but Ive seen some people do it on their youtube tutorials. My salon didn't do it on me.

    What are the pros to doing it vs not doing it?
Thread Status:
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