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  1. Just spent nearly an hour reading posts on the salongeek website, oh my gosh they are so bitter about us mere mortals getting our hands on Gelish. They seem to think that it is impossible for a DIY-er to apply it properly and that we are all going to end up damaging our skin from over-exposure to the chemicals. They're especially annoyed with Purseforum!

    Personally I can't wait for Gelish orders to arrive.

  2. Thanks, Ferret, always appreciate your feedback! I'll let you know how it goes!
  3. aloha everyone!
    I'm new here and love this forum.:graucho: I was getting into looking at past posts, but could not find my answer after 10 pages of posts.

    I bought on Amazon the Thermal spa lamp for $70, and returned it because the 3rd lamp bulb, the clip was loose. The bulb had to be manually held or it to light. It's the one where you can put in both hands or feet. I sent it back, and they lowered the price to $55 and ordered another one. This one same thing, except the 3rd lamp does not even work. I switched the bulbs, and the bulb is not broken the top light just doesn't work. Also the $55 light, when you plug it in in the lights flickered and never stayer lit. I gently banged it, and it came back on. Is this common in this light? I think I should return this one as well due to I have 30 days for returns. I think one would need all 3 lights working for it to cure properly.:nuts: Any one else have this problem with this lamp, or any ideas?

    Also can you apply a 3rd coat after the top coat has been cured for a darker color or would it peel like in the other posts. So far my nails do not peel. I'd like my shade darker on the Star Burst. But I only applied 2 coats. And where do you get a color wheel? I've read posts where some were creme, glitter etc. How do you know before buying every color? I love my Gossip Girl, which got me started on this lovely wonderful nail treatment. It's just awesome! :cloud9:

    Aloha Skooze

  4. I dunno...the text for the picture says, "... thanks you for Neons with Aurora over them!!" lol
  5. Actually, I don't think their concern is for our health or well-being; I could countenance that better. This ongoing battle is not good for anyone.

    I think the nail professionals have two concerns. The first is the general availability of Gelish. They fear that non-professionals using the products badly will impact the reputation of the brand and their own reputations. Certainly, they have a point - people who have had bad experiences with Gelish tell others and it does diminish the brand. But the unfortunate reality, which they seem to ignore, is that many (most?) of those bad experiences are at the hands of nail professionals. I think they are also concerned that the availability of Gelish through lowbrow Sally's Beauty Supply will diminish the professionalism and upscale image previously associated with the Gelish brand, and by extension their own professionalism and image. To them, it seems a violation of the relationship they've built over the years with Hand and Nail Harmony and Danny Haile. I think they may have a point in that regard.

    I think their other concern is that DIYers take business away from them and that DIYers are not potential clients for them. On this point, I think they are completely in error. I think that DIYers choose the DIY path for a multitude of reasons, not all of which reject nail techs. I also think that successful DIYers are great marketing ploy for both the product and for professional nail techs. Gelish (and particularly OPI GelColor) address most women's concerns about manicures and have real potential to get millions of women back to the salons.

    I really wish the DIYer vs Nail Tech division could be healed. I think both communities have a lots to learn from one another. DIYers represent a really interesting market and marketing opportunity for nail techs - DIYers are "Mavens" in Gladwell-speak. I know that I have personally turned dozens of people on to gel polish. Gel polishes are a major trend and OPI joining the fray soon is likely to be a game-changer. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few years - and what technology has in store for us next! For now, I am thrilled to be a Shellac/Gelish/Gelac/Geleration DIYer and loving that I can get Gelish at Sally's.

    [:smartass:Climbing down from her soapbox...]
  6. It says on the description that is is Aurora. So I assume that it is that.
  7. Has anyone had any reason to believe that the Gelish they've bought from eBay is fake? I'm just wondering because I have read in a different forum that the prices on there are so cheap because they are mostly fake :amazed: However, I am sure this is just a ploy to put people off buying on there :sneaky:
  8. Yeah they are all my nails, lol. Usually I go 7-10 days, but sometimes longer. The hand sanitizer at work and constant hand washing makes it not last as long for me usually. I'm really hard on my hands, always working on something, being on the boat, etc. I also get bored and want to change it up, lol. The glitter Mani I have on now is already wearing at the tips because I've been scrubbing my house in preparation for my daughters birthday party. Yeah, yeah, I know. Nails are not tools or scrapers, but I've been known to use them as such lol.

    It says it's the aurora FX, but doesn't say which ones

    I can't wait to get some of these!

    Yes you can. I lightly buff the topcoat to remove the shine, but others here don't. You can easily add another layer and a new layer of topcoat though. I do it all the time to change up manis when I get bored bit don't have time to redo it all
  9. I agree with you on this point (and many others). I have only had a couple of professional manicures in my life...prefer to do it myself at my leisure. Because of my nail obsession, many of my girlfriends have started regularly getting their nails done. And instead of DIYing them, they have chosen to get the new SOGs applied by professional nail techs. Had I not started this process my self, I don't think these techs would be getting this regular business.
    (kind of like keeping up with the Joneses)
  10. Thanks. Didn't see that. Working graveyards takes a toll on the brain!
    OOOOOH can't wait for the EFX!!!
  11. It does kinda look like champagne though! I've been putting that over a lot of colors. :smile:
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